A Masquerade Quince, with a Mysterious Extravagant Charm
A Masquerade Quince, with a Mysterious Extravagant Charm

A Masquerade Quince, with a Mysterious Extravagant Charm

quinceañera masquerade theme

Show off how great you look through a quinceañera masquerade mask.

Don’t settle with any of the ordinary or traditional quinceañera themes for your party. Instead be bold and plan your quinceañera party to be great for you and your guest!

Masquerade is the ideal theme for you if you want to give a glamorous and mystery touch to your quinceañera. The colorful, bold and elegant elements of this theme will show off your mature sense of graceful elegance.

Color Themes

The dominant colors of this fun theme are dark purple, green, dark red tones such as cherry and gold. You can get inspired with these colors to make or to buy your dress and look like a beautiful lady of the court of the XV century, the epoch when this kind of parties and masquerade balls started.

The black color is essential in the decoration because it adds the element of mystery; you can incorporate it into the linens, dish service and centerpieces. Another important element that you should not forget are the feathers, you can use them in your unique invitationsor masks as souvenirs for your guests.

masquerade party

Mask souvenirs for your guests

Masquerade quince decorations

To add the fun carnival touch, balloons, streamers, love beads, tulle, and candles are the most appropriate options to create a truly festive carnival style. Use feather, glitter, and gold colors in decorating your party.

Colorful masquerades

Colorful masquerades

The Menu

Regarding the food, a menu with dishes medieval style is perfect for this theme, besides it is easy to carry out. You can choose between a chicken or meat dish cooked with spices and garnished with vegetables and potatoes au gratin or mashed. If you want to include a vegetarian option, any kind of pasta with vegetables or seafood is perfect.

medieval style masquerade

Medieval style

And last but not least, the dessert; our suggestion is to add a chocolate fountain, if it is on your budget. If you want you can also use sweet macaroni and individual tiramisus, the desserts used at the time of the great masquerade balls.


Delicious cupcakes as desserts.


Don’t feel like a masquerade quince theme suits you? 

Check out our tips on a vintage quince party or even, for those more daring girls, a carnival themed celebration.

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