A Mint Green and Pink Quinceañera
A Mint Green and Pink Quinceañera

A Mint Green and Pink Quinceañera

When planning your Quinceañera celebration, sometimes it is best to choose a color.


Finding thematic decorations could end up being extremely expensive while a color can easily be adapted to suit your Quince budget.

Quinceañera Invitations

A pink and silver Quinceanera invitation made of paper with a ribbon

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Quinceanera invitation with a cross and flowers

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As you can see lace is a great addition to both these colors. Some Quince themes that perfectly fall under these tones are Vintage Quinceañera and Shabby Chic Quinceañera.

Mint Green and Pink Decorations


Don’t over do it! Simple = Classy


Adding balloons to an all-white decor really brings up the place!

Combining mint green with pastel pink, white and gold is guaranteed to be a success!

Quince Cake


All mint-green with subtle pastel pink flowers!


Cupcake versions make instant portion sizes!

Whether you choose a two-tier cake or something simpler like cupcakes or cake pops you can use both colors or commit to just one with subtle additions like tiny flowers or hanging feathers.

XV Party Favors




So chic!

Giving your guests a practical party favor they can use or even better: EAT! It is better since you know the money you invested in these won’t actually go to waste.

Quinceañera Dress


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Flowy skirts, drapes, sheer and flower-like additions will absolutely suit both these romantic and soft colors.

Mint Green and Pink Shoes


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Complete your Quinceañera outfit with one of these romantic pairs! If heels are still not your cup of tea, go for a fancy pair of flats instead.

A group of three cell phones sitting next to each other showcasing a Quinceañera dress creation.

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