Natural Flower Bouquet vs. Artificial Flower Bouquet
Natural Flower Bouquet vs. Artificial Flower Bouquet

Natural Flower Bouquet vs. Artificial Flower Bouquet

When we start considering artificial floral arrangements for the Quinceañera party, it's usually because our budget is running out, or maybe because we don't want to spend so much money on flowers that will be thrown away the next day, and we don't blame you! A Quinceañera can cost a lot of money, largely due to flowers.

We share some pros and cons of natural flowers versus artificial ones, so you can see which is your best choice according to your budget:

Pros of using natural flowers:

  • Natural flowers will look, feel, and smell more beautiful.
  • They'll give a more romantic and elegant look to the event venue.

Cons of using natural flowers:

  • It could be very expensive.
  • They won't stay fresh for long.

Pros of using artificial flowers:

  • Those with a more natural appearance could be as expensive as real flowers.
  • Some people consider them ordinary.
    • You'll save money.
    • They'll last a long time.

Cons of using artificial flowers:

  • Considering the above, our suggestion is to have a balance. A creative arrangement of artificial flowers here and a bunch of natural flowers there will harmonize perfectly at your event, achieving an adequate combination without anyone thinking of using the word "ordinary." Consider the following two tips about mixed floral arrangements:
  1. Be smart!

Aesthetically speaking, using only artificial flowers won't give your event a dreamy appearance; however, strategically placing some artificial flowers as complements or in arrangements that are not so visible, then yes, they can work. The key is to use the velvety and scented natural flowers near where your guests will be.

  1. Be creative!

You don't have to buy the most exotic roses to achieve a beautiful appearance in the salon decoration. Charming wildflowers are inexpensive and just as attractive. Gather your friends and plan a day in the countryside (or at the florist) to pick wildflowers and prepare floral arrangements!

Featured image belongs to Oscar Felix.

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