Neutral Color Combinations for your Quinceanera


Lately, we’ve seen a very neutral and pale color palette trending, whether it’s been through our favorite influencer’s Insta feed, home-interior décor, or fashion tendencies, this color scheme is making a statement.

Quinceaneras are a living example for this achromatic color trend, as the toneless palette creates the most beautiful, Instagram-worthy Quinces.

Here are 4 neutral color combinations to give you a few ideas on how to incorporate this color trend into your Quinces.

  1. Creams and Ashy Green

Contrast those soft creamy tones with dusty green and a few touches of copper, leaving your venue with an organic, modern, and delicate overall look.

  1. Soft Pink and Vivid Green

Show your chic and feminine side with shades of powdered pink and dark-hued green. From tulles to garlands this neutral color trend will leave all your guests, daydreaming about your décor.

  1. Soft Taupe and Light Browns

Absorb the naturalness of those earthy tones and add a few touches of gold for a glamorous take on this color scheme.


  1. Dusky Blue and Light Grey

Embrace the cool tones with the freshest statement pieces, dress, and décor in the hues of dusky blue and greys.

Featured image is property of: Etsy, Holeigh V Photography, and Morilee

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