Original Centerpieces for Your Quinceañera
Original Centerpieces for Your Quinceañera

Original Centerpieces for Your Quinceañera

A key piece in the decoration of your party are the centerpieces. Check these out for inspiration!

Before deciding what style of centerpieces to use for your party, you must decide if your celebration will be elegant, themed, if you want to use flowers, balloons, paper, chandeliers, candles, etc. Once you have made up your mind, you can start getting inspired by some of the creations we have found for you. Keep reading and learn some basic rules for these decorations that will make your party unique and original.

For example, if the centerpieces you have chosen are tall, they should be higher than your guests' heads. On the contrary, if you have selected them to be low, they should be below chin level. The idea is that they do not obstruct the view of your guests so they can converse comfortably.

You must also remember that centerpieces are an important part of the decoration, but they are not everything. Other elements, such as a good choice of tablecloths and chair decorations, will help complement and harmonize the decoration.

Check out these trends and pick your favorite.


One of the most successful trends in recent years is minimalism for its simplicity, modernity, and innovation of its elements. The golden rule of minimalism is less is more.

For example, you can use wine bottles of different colors or metallic vases. White ceramic vases can also help create a simple and elegant ambiance. You can balance this with colorful flowers or ornamental plants.


Another trend that prevails nowadays in terms of centerpieces are compact arrangements. Here, flowers are cut into very small sizes to achieve this effect. You can use daisies, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips, and classic roses. If you want a more exotic look, use tropical flowers such as heliconias, especially if your party will take place in a garden.

If you like something a bit more elaborate, tall centerpieces with stylized glass bases give a super sophisticated effect, as if the flowers were floating in the air. They are also very suitable for lighting as they reflect it perfectly.


Flowers are beautiful and bring life, but if you are looking to create completely unique centerpieces, we advise you to use candles, fruit, glass figures, mirrors, and even origami figures. All these elements create a very contemporary optical effect.

TIP: If you are using rectangular tables, you can place glasses, fish tanks, or bowls along them and place a flower or floating candles in each one. They will look incredible!


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