A Parisian themed Quince? Oui!
A Parisian themed Quince? Oui!

A Parisian themed Quince? Oui!

Paris, the city of romance, the Eiffel Tower, macarons, and the Can-can!

You can treat your guests to experience the romantic city’s mesmerizing ambiance with a Night in Paris theme Quince party! Don’t know where to start? Don’t you worry chérie, we’ve got you covered!

Parisian theme Decor!

Start with the decor to set the romantic Parisian mood! Paris is all about romance so your décor and lighting should be a reflection of that while still keeping it classy. Dim the lights and create a romantic and elegant atmosphere, including a scaled-down model of the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile in the middle of the dance floor.

Your Parisian theme Dress!

Since Paris is all about romance and elegance, we would suggest avoiding bright or bold colors instead of going for something more traditional. White, cream, pink, lilac, or black are all popular options and you can always add more glam by wearing glitzy accessories! If you want a more extravagant dress, go for something with layers, ruffles, bows, or diamantes to add some sparkle.

Parisian theme Cake!

Decorate your Parisian theme cake with Frills, ribbons, roses, pearls, Chanel, and the Eiffel Tower!  Take some ideas from our favorite Paris-themed cakes featured below! Whether you choose a tiered cake or cupcakes, your guests will be impressed. As Paris is such a romantic and elegant theme, make sure your cake reflects this, go for something subtle like a light vanilla sponge cake with a sweet filling.

Some Finishing Touches…

Add some finishing touches to make your party stand out from the rest by adding mini macaroons to each place setting. These can match your color scheme and add some sweetness to your theme! Use fairy lights to provide romantic mood lighting, decorate your centerpieces with these, or even add them to your cake! Add an elegant touch by creating a perfume testing station, your friends will love to try out the different fragrances. And Voilà! You will have an unforgettable night in Paris for your Quinceañera party!

Parisian theme Invitations!

The invitations for your Paris-themed quinceañera should be just as elegant and glamorous as the day of your quince. This of course does not mean the invites will be expensive. Sometimes simple is classier, and less is more, we love the idea of passport invitations. You can use stamps for the date and time of your quinceañera to make them more authentic, be creative! There are so many ways to give them your own special touch, but often using a really simple design and then adding a finishing touch such as lace, ribbon or flowers works well.


Adorable passport party invites! (via pinterest.com)

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