Parisian-Themed Quinceañera Decorations

Jackie Mejia

Convey images of springtime in the City of Light and have a Parisian-Themed Quinceañera!


Paris will set a splendid backdrop as you transport your guests with decorations fit for strolling along the banks of the Seine River.

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1) Parisian Photo Booth

Have your guests bring the party to the photo booth by providing props such as French berets, loaves of baguettes, colorful glasses, and feather boas for your guests to dress up before that picture is snapped. Place a photo of Parisian landmarks on the photo’s background to remind your guests of your unique Quince theme.

Eiffel Towers

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2) Eiffel Towers Everywhere

Make the city’s landmark the focal point of your guests’ tables.  Place a wooden or metal sculpture of the Eiffel Tower on each table and surround the base of the sculpture with fresh flowers in the color of your choice. Your guests will be enamored with this romantic tabletop scene.

Coco Chanel Centerpieces

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3) Coco Chanel Centerpieces

Show off one of France’s most treasured fashion labels by making centerpieces that resemble Chanel’s No. 5 perfume. Place labels with similar logos to that of the famed perfume on clear, square glass floral vases. Adorn the vases with fresh white and pink flowers for an airy springtime bouquet worthy of the farmer’s markets in Paris.

Paris 3

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4) Passports to Paris

So you’ve got your Parisian Quinceanera menu down, but what about an idea for displaying the French gourmet food your guests are about to eat? Print menus that resemble passport booklets. Your guests will enjoy the touch of travel as they take a seat at their assigned tables.

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5) French Bakery Dessert Table

One of the images that come to mind when most people think of Paris, after the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe of course, are the patisseries (French bakeries) that dot the city. Place a life-size drawing of a French bakery window behind your dessert buffet table. Arrange rows and stands of macarons, cookies, your Quinceanera cake and more in front of the display. Your guests will think they just stepped into a bustling bakery!

Have fun planning your Parisian Quinceanera party by taking some of these ideas and making them a reality. Now grab that beret and have a bon voyage on your Quince planning trip!

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