Pinterest-Inspired Quinceañera Theme Ideas
Pinterest-Inspired Quinceañera Theme Ideas

Pinterest-Inspired Quinceañera Theme Ideas

Don’t stress yourself out with complicated Quinceañera theme ideas that involve a lot of time and money. Instead, be creative and stick to a themed Quince party where you can easily DIY decorations.

Whether you want a bold color theme at your Quinceañera or a subtle, sophisticated look, the ideas below would complement any theme. These ideas will keep your Quinceañera simple, sophisticated, and clean-cut!

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Red and Aqua Quinceañera Theme

  • Keep it simple with your decoration ideas! Too much clutter or colors will overwhelm your guests.
  • Not everything should be aqua or red because you need complementary colors. Great options could be tan, black, or white.
  • Your dress should stick to red, aqua, or white for contrast. Lace dresses are recommended to add beautiful texture.
  • Use white and aqua flowers to adorn your Quince tables where you could also have lace-decorated red and aqua thank you notes.

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Rustic Quinceañera Theme 

  • Decorate your Quince party with wood based, lanterns, and crepe paper creations.
  • Lace it up with lace table sets, lace banner decorations, and perhaps even a coral lace dress.
  • Flowers greatly complement this look, so gather light orange and white flowers to adorn the tables at your Quince.
  • Complement the rustic theme with colors such as white, tan, brown, or grey tones.

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