Quince Rockabilly at a Glance
Quince Rockabilly at a Glance

Quince Rockabilly at a Glance

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There is a trend on this year’s runways dating back to the 50’s, from Louis Vuiton to Austrian designer Lena Hoschek. Maybe it’s the perfect time to have a Quince Rockabilly party… but first: What are the keys to catch up with the trends? What is important to include in your wardrobe? Can you have a Rockabilly-themed Quince dress? Fashion designer and 50’s fashionista, Audrey Robles, is here to help you find out what is in and out about the girly era.

“I’ve always been drawn to the styles from the 50’s era because they embrace a woman’s femininity. There’s something spectacular about seeing a woman put the time to look her best and possess a sense of glamour,” says Audrey Robles, who owns a boutique in Magnolia Blvd., at the very heart of the Burbank movie district.

The movie stars of Old Hollywood such as Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, and Bettie Page, oozed glam. Unfortunately, most women today have shied away from wearing dresses, and it’s my desire to reintroduce them to our closets. As a wardrobe stylist, I work personally with each of my clients in order to show them that there are dress styles that can be flattering for every body shape and you don’t need an occasion to wear a dress. We have casual styles that fit most women’s daily activities and lifestyles. Exchanging the dreaded pant suit with a flattering dress can bring the joy and sophistication that can make a woman feel good about herself.

rockabilly quinceañera, rockabilly fashionToday, the appetite for the fifties is gaining momentum. There is a trend on this year’s runways dating back to the 50’s, from high-end designers like Louis Vuiton, to up-and-coming designers like Lena Hoschek, to prêt-a-porter retail store brand designers like Marc Jacob.

Audrey quickly added some tips to catch up with the trends and avoid looking like an old picture. “The Retro Pinup scene has never lost it’s flair from the 50’s.  It’s been more of an under spoken lifestyle, but this look is slowly starting to bubble up into high fashion. And like most fashion trends, once it gets more popular it eventually ends up on runways. Unfortunately, the essence of the style sometimes gets lost in this translation. We are trying to preserve the 40’s and 50’s vintage styles by keeping the original vintage look.”

A 50’s themed party
“A 50’s themed party is fun for all ages” –remarks Audrey. “I would recommend playing rockabilly music. This era of pop music reminds us of a culture where there was still innocence and life was simple. It gets people in the mood to dance. You can make your Quince fun by driving up in a vintage car and have it parked out front. Plus, it’s also great for taking pictures with.

When it comes to your court, the romantic rockabilly era offers tons of ideas and possibilities. “The attire for the guys can include retro and vintage-style clothing like saddle or converse shoes and blue jeans rolled up at the cuffs. Slick back their hair… clean cut, that was the style. Your damas can wear those girly dresses too, and the pictures will be one-of-a-kind. The girls have lots of choices, like wearing their hair in a pony tail or up with pin curls. They can also wear a slick pencil skirt or dress or a flair skirt or dress combined with some pinup heels or flats… just add a flower in the hair and you got the look!”, concludes the wardrobe expert.

What are the keys to pick a fifties style without looking like an old picture?
The best way to look fresh in the 50’s style is to stay within classic styles then add a splash of color.

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