Quinceañera Summer Theme Ideas You Can Mix Up
Quinceañera Summer Theme Ideas You Can Mix Up

Quinceañera Summer Theme Ideas You Can Mix Up

Summer is a great season for your Quinceañera. With great weather and fun in the sun on the minds of many, you can create an outdoor event or bring some outdoor flair to an indoor venue as well. But we say challenge yourself to think outside the box a bit, even do some mixing and blending of ideas, to create something unique that your friends and family will remember forever. 

If you’re planning a summer Quince, here are five unique theme ideas to consider. 

Garden Theme 

Summer is the time to invite nature into our lives, and a garden theme is a perfect way to do it. Whether you are decorating an indoor space with vibrant florals and greenery or actually holding your event outside in an actual garden. Your garden theme can embrace the natural elements of the season and to give the celebration a less formal and more low-key feel, if that’s what you prefer. 

Some people will also go for a night garden theme for a little more subdued and intimate affair. You can use light pinks with crèmes and neutrals, along with some dim lighting to set the mood. Use your centerpieces to integrate soft florals and give the space a sweet, slightly formal, but still relaxed tone. 

Mardi Gras Masquerade Theme 

Mardi Gras alone is a fun theme for summer, but you can add in some mystery and adventure to your Mardi Gras Quince with masquerade elements. These two themes together offer you a lot of color variety for decorations as well. 

The teals, greens, and purples commonly associated with a lot of Mardi Gras festivities are excellent colors for centerpieces, tables, balloons, cake displays and more. But black, gray and gold work well, too, and they easily weave in with the purples or greens, if you want to do a bit more of a color mash-up. With so much color flexibility, you can get creative with decorations like this Mardi Gras ostrich centerpiece or these masquarade-themed photo backdrops. You can mix dim lighting with vibrant feathers and glittery party mask image decorations, and don’t forget to encourage others to come with their own colorful outfits and masks! 

Western Theme 

Summer is a season associated with casual fun, so to let out that inner cowgirl at your Quince! If you love the casual nature of country living, go for an unconventional Western-style theme and give your guests a glimpse of the Wild West with florals in mason jars, props and scenes. Use wood barrels, crates, hay, and other inexpensive materials that give you a rustic look.

Give the audience unique scenes for photos, like this boot balloon arch or a cowgirl Western backdrop, or let them snap some shots on this rustic hay bale lounger! You can go casual with your dress, too. Or if you still love a gown, a flowing embellished lace-up pink or light blue dress can still work with the many neutral colors a Western backdrop brings with it.  

Glow-In-The Dark Disco Theme 

The glow-in-the-dark Quince theme is pretty hot right now. But all that neon fun also lends itself to some cool throwback elements as well. Add the bright lights and dance fun of disco to your glow-in-the-dark party, and you’ll undoubtedly create a memorable Quince others will be talking about for years to come. 

A DJ who knows when to add disco to the song list is an absolute necessity. Encourage people in your invitations to wear 70s outfits. They can borrow from parents or relatives or hit up thrift stores for some metallic platform shoes and encourage them to get that big hair going, too! 

Don’t forget to add a disco ball into your invitations or use a roller skate and disco ball theme for them. You can add miniature disco balls to your table displays, and a big one at the center of the dance floor is also a must. You’re breaking the rules for this Quince idea, but if fun is what you’re after, that’s what you’ll get. 

A Sunflower Theme 

Sunflowers are one of the most popular florals out there, and people often associate them with summer. You can deck out any space with them for a relaxed, joyous summer theme.  

Sunflowers also play well with other florals. You can create a great seasonal bouquet with them or other floral arrangements by mixing in purple, orange, red and green florals, along with neutral creams and whites. And some even add a dash of sophistication with a sunflower and roses theme. 

Sunflowers can be incorporated as garnishes for cupcakes, into cake decorations, or as an addition to any centerpiece. Dare we say it, the sunflower is so flexible, it even goes well with the Western theme. Both have a casual, fun nature that allows you to merge decorating elements from each. And don’t forget, a sunflower-themed dress is a must for any Quince that involves this prized seasonal flower. 


If you want to create a unique theme this summer, it might take a little risk. Dabble in themes you like, but don’t be afraid to mix in something that may not be commonly seen in an established Quince theme. That’s how superhero themes, sports themes, or themes built around a favorite video game were created. It’s your special day. You’re unique. Your party should be, too. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and think outside the box for your summer Quinceañera!  

Ray Ko has been creating effective visual merchandising and interior design strategies for retailers for more than 20 years. Today, he is the senior ecommerce manager for shopPOPdisplays, a leading designer and manufacturer of stock and custom acrylic product.

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