Rock Your Guests with a Punk Rock Quinceanera Theme

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If you love to rebel against the mainstream style and want to express your individuality and reject the idea of a traditional quinceanera, we suggest checking out the punk rock quinceanera theme.


Punk rock is based on anti-authoritarian beliefs that begun in the 1970’s and refers to the musical freedom expressed by famous bands like The Ramones, Iggy Pop, and The Clash.

Since the whole point of punk rock is to be yourself, the best way to organize a punk rock quinceanera is to embrace the DIY fashion.

Punk Rock Quince Decor

You can make your own punk rock decorations by using spikey bracelets as napkin and centerpiece holders. If you have a small budget, try planning ahead and purchasing your punk rock decor supplies at Party City the day after Halloween when these supplies will be on sale that way you can save money on your punk rock decorations. Many punk rock decorations are very similar to other quinceanera themes such as the Dia de Los Muertos theme, the Black and White Quinceanera Theme, and a Halloween party theme.

Crank up the volume with these punk rock quince cakes…

They may look dangerous and deadly; however, these punk rock cakes are glamorous and beautiful.

Punk Rock Quinceanera Bouquet

A punk rock bouquet is an important part of your punk rock quinceanera celebration. Since punk rock and rockabilly themes overlap in terms of  fashion,  check out our Rockabilly articles for more ideas on how to find the perfect decor for your punk quinceanera. We found that many bouquet ideas for a Rockabilly Theme Quince also hold true for a Punk Rock Bouquet.

On Etsy there are many vendors willing to customize your quinceanera bouquet with similar colors and materials from your quinceanera dress.


The best way to create a punk rock quinceanera dress is to do it yourself.

Just purchase a bustier, with or without studs and patches, and pair the corset top with a tulle skirt, ripped tights, and doc martens, available at Looking for a more dressed up look, replace the docs with a pair of Demonia high heels for a more stylish look.


Finally, check out the 70’s punk girl makeup to complete you punk rock quince makeup look. Here is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to do your eye makeup for a punk rock look.

Punk Rock Makeup Look property of Liza Breygl; click here to view her website

Punk Rock Makeup Look property of Liza Breygl; click here to view her website

Some more punk rock touches for your punk rock quinceanera…

In order to really implement a punk rock quinceanera theme into your quinceanera, we recommend adding some finishing touches as shown below. Mobile App

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