A Spring Princess Quinceañera Theme
A Spring Princess Quinceañera Theme

A Spring Princess Quinceañera Theme

spring quinceañera theme

A spring Quinceañera theme will be perfect for this season.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate your quinceañera during this season, spring princess is the perfect quinceañera theme! If beautiful flowers, sunlight and fresh air are not enough to get you inspired, keep on reading!

Flowers everywhere!

Flowers go with spring as fries go with ketchup. Butterflies, bees and ladybugs are also spring elements. Depending on your budget, you can choose to decorate your venue with actual flowers or balloons. Simulate flowers with balloons. Choose a color to make sure all spring décor elements flow with one another.

spring colors for decorations

Choose bright colors to decorate your party!

Spring princess

Adding butterflies as decorations or ladybugs to your bouquet is a great idea; you don’t want to overdo the whole flower decor. Flower-like hair accessories could add to your spring princess quinceañera theme.

As for your makeup, keep in mind that less is always more; you must look fresh and youthful particularly the day of your quinceañera. Play it up wearing bright eye shadow and pink or peach blush.

Quinceañera cake

Your cake must have flowers, big or small. Butterflies and seasonal fruit are also a top choice. Your guests will love your spring princess theme quinceañera.

spring quinceanera cake


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