The Best 5 Cincoanera Themes Based on their Favorites
The Best 5 Cincoanera Themes Based on their Favorites

The Best 5 Cincoanera Themes Based on their Favorites

You have finally told your 5-year-old little diva her Cincoanera celebration is actually happening but you’re stuck midway planning because you have yet to pick a party theme that both you gals like 😧.

Hold still, mami! Quinceanera.com is here to help you turn your child’s favorite cartoon into the elegant party you’ve been dreaming of!

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It is all of matter of perspective, look deep into the character, show or cartoon and pick a similar color palette and avoid turning your Cincoanera celebration into an every-day toddler birthday party.

The idea is to be inspired by the character and not necessarily place your little one’s dream Disney Princess on every single little detail of your event.

But, keep in mind this is a party for kindergartners so plan to add something for their taste as well!

The Little Mermaid 🐟🦀

Green, purple and blue are your main colors with contrasting touches in red, coral and fuchsia. Think “Under the sea” rather than Ariel-inspired and choose elements to bring that beachy’ look to your venue/garden.

Princess Sofia 👑💜

This one is easy! Plan for a royal-inspired celebration dressed in lavender, white, hints of pink and pearls. What will give the obvious touch to the party will be your Cincoanera dressed exactly like Little Miss Princess Sofia!

Minnie Mouse ❣🐹

Polka dots in red, white, and black are NOT your only option.  With this character/theme’s color palette, a Parisian coffee vibe is definitely possible.  Or you could do a pink & gold combo for a chic tea party! The girls will love Minnie-shaped Krispy treats and a DIY Minnie Ears station.

My Little Pony 🦄🌈

Think rainbows, hearts, and lots of color! Stick to shades of bright and soft pinks, purples, blues, and yellows. The little ones will fall head over heels with a diverse and quite possibly DIY stations like “Fluttershy Painting”, “Pinkie Pie Makeup” or colorful wigs for cosplay.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle ❄💙

Are you ready to plan a Winter Wonderland, Cincoanera? Your colors are white and different shades of blue, including sparkling! Snowflake details are a must-have, as well as a “frozen look” to the beverages and edibles served.

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