The emerald green theme that we are obsessed with
The emerald green theme that we are obsessed with

The emerald green theme that we are obsessed with

The green tones are mainly observed during St. Patrick's Day, but this year that color seems to be an exception, as fashion lovers are wearing the famous emerald green tone for displays and fashion events throughout the year.

Green is coming back to stay! With the recent boom in celebrations with forest-themed parties, this green shade is in fashion!

Be part of the emerald green craze and celebrate your Quinceañera with one of the trendiest colors of the year!

Emerald green quinceañera dresses

Girls from all over the world will flock to fashion stores in search of dresses in that color for their XV Years party. Here you can see some of the most beautiful dresses in emerald green!


Super glamorous invitations

By using this bold color, those who receive your invitation for the XV Years will be pleasantly surprised! Choose between a vibrant theme, an elegant celebration, or one with lots of foliage with the following invitation designs:"


Irresistible Cakes

If they taste as good as they look, here are some ideas for emerald-colored cakes that will complement any theme beautifully. If this cake style isn't your preference, consider incorporating greenery details for a celebration with rustic tones.



Ideas for Your Party Decorations

Impress your guests with incredible decorations that will look perfect indoors or outdoors! Add velvet tablecloths to give a modern touch to your theme.

A Quinceanera table with emerald green table linens and white flowers on a green table cloth

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Featured image is property of: Alexandria Lindo and Morilee!

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