Top Quince Party Favors

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When immortalizing such a special celebration, choosing the adequate item is not an easy task.

The ideal is to give out something your guests could actually use; after all you’re allocating a piece of your budget to this, you might as well make of it something worth keeping.

Make sure your chosen kind of party favors goes well with your quinceanera theme.

Anything personalized will seal the deal of the usual party favor you just have to give it a bit of thought!


Here is a list of the top quince party favors you should consider to give out on your quinceanera.

Top Quince Party Favors

Top Party Favors for daily use are items such as lipsticks, mirrors and water bottles are on everyone’s list. The best part of these is that they’re unisex! You can get your guests personalized limp balms or mirrors for them to carry.

Even the guys will appreciate a decent size water bottle. Picture your crush working out with your picture printed on his choice of water bottle!

Top Quince Party Favors

Boxes, clutches and bags are always reusable whether it is to keep accessories of our own or perhaps even to re-gift at the next birthday party.

Now, jars, candles and coasters make for great party favor décor items. Jars can always be reused as food or beverage containers, candles will harmonize any room and coasters are a must for when having guests over.

Top Quince Party Favors

But if you want to treat your guests to delicious treats with your name on it, chocolates and cake pops are the way to go. Your guests can munch on these all night long and your money won’t go to waste, guaranteed!

Last but not least, the top quince party favors for the party are hand fans and flip flops. Their popularity is mostly due to the fact that these can seize comfort when partying it up!

he dance floor is bound to get you sweaty so hand fans will definitely be put to the test, same with comfy sandals to keep on going.

Top Quince Party Favors

When purchasing your choice of quince party favors, think wholesale!

As it is always cheaper and before doing your research with street vendors, look online on sites like Ebay and compare prices. Write everything down and if a street vendor offers your favorite kind at a higher rate, try negotiating and asking for a similar online price.

Etsy is your best friend when it comes to personalize-everything! Plus you can also find great wholesale deals as well.

Well quince girl, let the games begin! Good luck on your search for the perfect quince party favor!

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