5 Ways to Thank your Guests with Princess Party Favors
5 Ways to Thank your Guests with Princess Party Favors

5 Ways to Thank your Guests with Princess Party Favors

After so much planning and spending, we’re sure you want all your family members and friends on your guest list to attend your Quince. Some may come from far distances while others will have to make space in their busy lives, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate very much in the end. After all, the transition from childhood to adulthood is not easy and impossible without the support of everyone who guided you throughout the years. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to reward each one of them for coming to your Quince and there’s no better way than by gifting them a meaningful party favor.

If you’re a Quinceañera celebrating a princess themed fiesta, these gorgeous princess party favors will truly show your guests how much you appreciate them! Party favors are meant for your guests to treasure your Quince memories forever so choose carefully:

1. Candy:

You love candy, we love candy, your guests love candy! Perfect party favors for every guest.

princess party favor

How cute is this?! Store your candy inside the carriage for “sweet love.” $1.39/set on AliExpress.com

Princess party favors cake pops

Pink princess cake pops! Via Pinterest.com

2. Candles:

If you decide to gift these candle party favors, their hearts will totally melt. Candles come in all shapes and sizes so if you have a shape in mind it probably exists!

Cinderella Slipper Candles

Via Ebay.com

$1.49/piece on WrapWithUs.com

3. Jewelry Box:

Girls definitely need jewelry boxes with all the bling we love to wear. So why not give your guests something useful that you know they’ll treasure forever?!

Jewelry Box

Via Ebay.com

4. Picture Frame:

Your princess themed Quince will be a magical fairytale experience. Gifting them a picture frame will allow them to place the highlight of the night on their nightstand.

Princess picture frame

$2.30/piece via AccentTheParty.com

$2.15 each via WaxWizard.net

5. Bookmark:

Encourage your guests to read and nourish their minds! We guarantee your BFFs will be bringing these to school and showing off your party.

Princess bookmark

Via Ebay.com

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