20 Watercolor Quinceañera Ideas You’ll Want to Steal
20 Watercolor Quinceañera Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

20 Watercolor Quinceañera Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

We love the way watercolor can transform a plain white canvas into a masterpiece in a snap. That’s the reason watercolor has become one of the hottest trends among artsy quinceañeras wanting to add some extra spunk to their decor!

These original watercolor ideas will take your quinceañera celebration to a whole other level!


Have you heard the latest buzz in cakes? It’s all about watercolor cakes, mostly in blue, purple, orange, and pink tones. The effect is nothing short from AMAZING!


We can all agree that watercolor marshmallows are the cutest!!! Whichever sweets you choose, make sure the base is white, so the watercolor design is visible.


Stand out from head to toe in a spring or summer-inspired watercolor quinceañera dress! Flowers and butterflies seem to be the most popular designs.


Put your painting skills to the test and create a colorful backdrop that to place behind the dessert table or the photo booth. For added texture, tie-dye the tassels in the colors of your theme and hang them on a rope. Hang floral garlands to bring your backdrop to life.


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go all out with your watercolor decor! From table linens to centerpieces, everything that you can imagine can be watercolor. Have an ombre table linen with the darkest shade at the tips and the lightest at the center so it doesn’t clash with your watercolor centerpieces. You have two amazing options for the vases of your centerpieces: glass or wooden. For glass vases, fill them up with water and add a few drops of food coloring for a magical watercolor effect. You may also tint the vases for added drama. Make sure to keep your flowers delicate-looking with pastel colors and greenery. If you choose wooden blocks, half-dip them in watercolor and use flowers in orange and pink tones. For a romantic vibe, don’t forget about watercolor candles, which you can easily turn into a DIY project.


Why have a plain white invitation when you can make it colorful using the watercolor technique?! From the envelope to the RSVP card, invite your guests to an exciting celebration.

Check out Quinceanera.com’s Pinterest for more wow-worthy watercolor ideas!

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