I have had a curious dream.. A Quinceañera party in Wonderland!
I have had a curious dream.. A Quinceañera party in Wonderland!

I have had a curious dream.. A Quinceañera party in Wonderland!

Let your imagination soar with an Alice in Wonderland theme for your Quinceañera, with a theme as enchanting as this one, you'll surely dazzle your guests with your originality.

Your Quinceañera's decoration

Choose the queen of hearts or the mad hatter's tea party for your party theme. Use red, white, and black for the queen of hearts. Red roses, for instance, make fantastic centerpieces. The mad hatter's tea party is a truly creative theme for your Quince. Make the most of it! Place potion jars on the tables that say "Drink me" and sweets labeled "Eat me." Balloons are also an excellent idea to decorate with this theme. And don't forget to add small phrases from the story. The more creative and unique, the better! Take a look at the following decoration ideas and get inspired.

Your Quinceañera dress

To match your dress with the Alice in Wonderland theme, choose a unique style. You can wear a dress similar to the one Alice wears in blue or something resembling the mad hatter. And if your Quinceañera revolves around the queen of hearts theme, maybe consider choosing something in red or black. Whichever option you choose, don't forget to have fun!

Your Quinceañera cake

For the cake, there are several options. You could stick with white, black, and red colors to create something elegant and formal, or if you wish, use flowers for decoration. Red roses stand out on a white cake and add a touch of extravagance. You can also choose a darker color and create a more original design. Consider strong tones, other shapes, tiers, and cake decoration. There are no limits! This theme is very versatile and therefore one of our favorites.


Your party invitations

For your Alice in Wonderland theme, you can create some impressive invitations. Think about clocks, potions, and mystical messages. If you send your guests a box giving them a hint about the theme of your Quinceañera, it would be very original, although it could also be a bit expensive. Another option is to keep the invitations simple, following the color scheme of your party. An envelope simply saying "read me" would be perfect for this theme.


wonderland theme xv_invitaciones

The finishing touch

Here are our three tips for your Alice in Wonderland Quince theme: For an enchanted land, add enigmatic messages on each table. You could also place a potion at each setting that says "drink me." Decorate the dance floor with giant cards or a huge chessboard. Your guests will love that original touch. Clocks are fantastic for use in the decoration of this theme. Incorporate them into centerpieces or around the dance floor.


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