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“Oh I’ve had such a curious dream!”… A quinceañera party in Wonderland!

Rosalynn Martinez

For all the creative, and unique quince girls out there, we have the perfect theme for you!

Let your imagination run wild, with a Wonderland-themed quinceañera. An enchanted wonderland quince theme like Alice in Wonderland is sure to dazzle your guests with its originality!

The Decor!

Go for a ‘tea party or a mad hatter’s tea party theme. Use pink, red, and white color schemes for the queen of hearts. Red roses are great to use for your centerpieces. A mad hatters tea party is a really fun theme to be creative with for your quinceanera. Fill the tables with little candles and teacup vases. Balloons are a great way to decorate for this theme, and add cute quotes from the story. The more creative and unique, the better… take a look below for some wonderland decor inspiration!


The Dress!

To tie in with your wonderland theme go for a unique style for your dress. You could play the part and go for something blue like Alice wore, or something that resembles a mellow tea party. If your quinceanera is going to be based around a queen of hearts theme, you may want to go for something red or black. But don’t forget to have fun with it! 


The Cake!

For the cake, there are many different options. You could stick to your red, black, and white color scheme and create something elegant and formal. Use flowers to decorate; red roses stand out on a plain cake and add to the extravagance. You can also choose a more obscure and original design. Think bright colors, different shapes, layers, and decorations. There is no need to hold back! This theme is so versatile and that is why it’s one of our favorites.

The Invitations!

You can come up with some really impressive invitation ideas for your wonderland theme. Think clocks, potions and mystic messages. Sending your guests a box that gives them a hint of what your quinceanera will be like is such an original idea but may be quite pricey. Alternatively, keep it simple by following your color scheme. An envelope titled ‘read me’ will tie in perfectly with your wonderland theme.

Finishing Touches!

Here are three tips to have an amazing Wonderland-themed quinceañera: For an enchanted wonderland, add cryptic messages to each table place. You could even add little ‘drink me’ potions to each place. Decorate your dance floor with giant cards or a giant chess set. Your guests will love this original touch. Clocks are great to use in wonderland decor. Incorporate them into your centerpieces or around your dance floor.

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