Quinceañera Choreographers in Carson, CA

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Diaz de Baile
Sylmar, CA
​Diaz de Baile is a Sweet 15 choreography and Chambelan Rental company located in the Sylmar, California. We have provided thousands of dance choreographies in the last 15 years. Our services include full choreography of ballroom and Latin dances for Sweet 15’s, 16’s, Cotillions and Weddings.

In the last few years we have extended our services to include recruitment, training, and rental of Chambelanes, male dancers for Sweet 15 choreographies. We noticed the shortage of willing, reliable, and talented boys in the groups we serviced our first couple of years and decided to do something to service this need. 
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Maya Room Dance Studio
Downey, CA
Welcome to Maya Room Dance Studio! Offering a diverse range of private classes from Waltz to ballet, as well as hip hop, merengue, and salsa. Specializing in dances for weddings and Quinceañeras surprise dances. We offer classes for both kids and adults. Jazz and belly dance also offered! Take advantage of our tryout special - 5 days for just $15. The studio is also available for rental.
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Pomona, CA
Discover your passion for dance, shine on the dance floor, and be part of a dance family at Evie Dance Studio! Catering to all ages and every skill level, we provide exceptional dance classes to inspire creativity, develop self-confidence, and foster the art of self-expression. Believe in the power of dance to bring joy, unity, and personal growth. Join us for a single class, a recreational session, or let us make your special moments even more memorable - like weddings! Explore a range of dance styles that caters to your eclectic dance interests. Our mission? To guide and support your dance journey in a nurturing environment where you feel comfortable exploring your potential as a dancer. Join Evie Dance Studio today - Una experiencia de baile, where each step you take further ignites your love for dance!

Quinceanera Choreographers in Carson, CA

Are you looking for top-notch choreographers in Carson, CA? Look no further! Carson is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage that provides the perfect backdrop for all your choreography needs. Home to the stunning StubHub Center, a renowned sports and entertainment venue, Carson offers a one-of-a-kind setting for choreographers to showcase their talents. The city's diverse community and local specialties make it a hub of creativity and inspiration for choreographers of all backgrounds. Carson's mild weather and historical significance add to its appeal, making it an ideal location for choreographers to pursue their craft year-round. Whether you're a local looking for choreography services or a tourist seeking a unique dance experience, Carson has something for everyone. Keep an eye out for special events and festivals that celebrate Carson's vibrant arts scene, as they provide the perfect opportunity to connect with the local choreography community. With its distinct identity and dynamic atmosphere, Carson offers a fantastic environment for choreographers to thrive and grow. Stay tuned for any recent news or developments in Carson that may impact the choreography scene, as the city continues to evolve and expand its cultural offerings. Don't miss out on all that Carson has to offer - connect with talented choreographers in Carson today and take your dance performances to the next level!