Adan Terriquez’s Passion for Quinceañera Dresses
Adan Terriquez’s Passion for Quinceañera Dresses

Adan Terriquez’s Passion for Quinceañera Dresses

The Mexican designer Adan Terriquez has reinvented quinceañera dress trendswith great passion. His passion is obvious in these beautiful graceful designs of which will surely make any quinceañera unforgettable. With a name synonymous with glamour and success, Adan  Terriquez has reached his dress design fame mostly due to the gowns he created for the late “Diva de La Banda,” Jenni Rivera.


Adán Terríquez boasts unique quinceañera dresses

Restless and creative, this talented Tapatio learned about his amazing designing skills at a young age. “I’ve been watching Miss Universe since I was 9 or 10 years old, and ever since then I knew I wanted to make dresses,” he says. Then at 11, he began to take dress tailoring lessons when his passion unleashed. He placed third place at Fashion International View contest, winning a scholarship for INBA (National Institute of Beauty Arts) in Mexico City.


He became involved in the entertainment industry in 1997 when he created an original design for Daniela Romo to wear for “El Show de Cristina”. Next thing you know, Adan Terriquez was dressing celebrities such as Ana Bárbara, Beatriz Adriana, Rosenda Bernal, Marisela, María Conchita Alonso, Gaby Ramírez, Shaila Durcal and Jenni Rivera, to name a few.


Adan shared with us the spring’s most popular trends: “Runways worldwide have been parading bold colors such as yellow, aqua, turquoise and contrasting metallic hues, all perfect for quinceañera dresses”.

The designer’s quinceañera dresses are available for all, although he has designed for famous celebrities he still takes care of his Huntington Park store where the girls can find beautiful dresses from $1,500.


Price varies in regard to the complexion or simplicity of the tailoring on each quinceañera dresses. Wearing an original Adan Terriquez gown remains an exclusive, innovative and affordable option.  Plan it ahead of time, and you will sure find something you’d love.

The Future

Adan is currently working on his new 10 gorgeous pieces quinceañera dressescollection which will be available for sale in California, Texas and Chicago, cities in which his line: Princesa de Jenni Rivera by Adán Terríquez, is currently sold at.


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