Alberto Rodríguez: Glamour at its best
Alberto Rodríguez: Glamour at its best

Alberto Rodríguez: Glamour at its best

Quinceanera gown, a woman in a blue dress posing for a picture

Exclusive designs with a nostalgic feel is what best defines the style of this Guadalajara native designer, whose creations have traveled across the border. 

He has been enabling elegant, feminine and sophisticated women for over 25 years. Alberto Rodriguez, from Guadalajara, Mexico began his career in the fields of graphic design and advertising, but a trip to New York gave him the opportunity of being exposed to the greatest icons: Chanel, Dior and Oscar de la Renta.

This experience changed his life, therefore he decided to work in the fashion industry. A risky yet successful decision since the originality and sophistication of his pieces quickly captivated the Tapatio society who would visit his atelier in search for the most exclusive bridal and quinceañera gowns.

A Quinceanera entrepreneur, Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez, sitting on a couch in a living roomAlberto Rodriguez, currently presents his collections at the   prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week event in Mexico and has a list of clients that includes Gloria Trevi, Lucero and Angelica Vale. Also, among his dress collections, the designer creates shoes, jewelry and hair pieces. As a fashion designer he admits and advices less is more, one must not wear heavy jewelry with an exuberant dress design, everything must blend together.

What must a quinceañera consider when choosing her dress?
The most important thing to keep in mind is how comfortable you feel wearing the dress, most of the time they tend to choose a style or color wore by a celebrity and end up feeling awkward once they try it on. I pride myself on making an effort for the dress to be a combination between what the quinceañera wants, what she needs and what fits her best.

Quinceanera gown, a woman in a pink dress standing in front of a gate

According to you, how is the ideal quinceañera gown?
The ideal dress would be romantic and sweet, with volume for a distinguished look and a nice cleavage.
The dress must also be able to transform into a much more comfortable piece for the quinceañera to enjoy her party, perhaps switching it with a long or short skirt or pants.

Tell us about current trends in quince dresses.
Royalty inspired dresses as well as oriental and Arabic such as wearing original saris. As far as accessories, it is essential to wear a head piece and a bouquet, which are mostly made out of crystals nowadays.

As far as colors, which are the most requested?
Vivid colors, such as red which looks amazing on Latinas. I work a lot with pink, aqua or tiffany.

What a quinceañera should avoid at all cost?
Feather applications, exuberant head pieces and tennis shoes. For me a formal dress should be worn with elegant shoes. Cinderella has been a trend as most women chose to wear crystal shoes these days

What is your price range, and where can one find your designs?
My store is located in Guadalajara, my quince dresses range between $3,000 up to $5,000 for exclusive designs. I also have a website that has increased my popularity, not only do I ship to the US but also Europe, Australia and distant places like Macedonia. If anyone from Los Angeles, wants a dress, they can sure take advantage of my trips to the city.

Lastly, what makes your dresses so special? They make you dream; my dresses help define the silhouette, enhancing the waist and cleavage, making anyone look like a princess.

Quinceanera gown, a woman in a blue dress standing next to a bird cage


Alberto Rodríguez Couture
Av. Américas 291
Col. Ladrón de Guevara
Guadalajara, México
(33) 3826-2041

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