The baroque is fashionable in quinceañera dresses
The baroque is fashionable in quinceañera dresses

The baroque is fashionable in quinceañera dresses

If you dare to wear intense colors and sumptuous designs for your Quinceañera dress, Black Diamond’s April is your designer!

By Alicia G. de Angela | Los Angeles |@Aliciangela

Who said Quinceañera dresses had to be simple? Gone are the good girl dresses in pink to give way to intense fuchsia, red, and blue dresses embellished with all kinds of ruffles, embroidery and pleated fabric. A ‘look’ very fashionable that will make you feel like the princess of the tales from a ‘Thousand and One Nights’.

To obtain this look, lucky you, you do not have to move from Los Angeles because Quinceañera.com has found a designer who meets and exceeds these requirements. Her name is April and her brand, April Black Diamond, is revolutionizing quinceañeras parties all around Southern California with Quinceañera dress designs more than unique.

Purple quinceañera dress designed by April

Rosalynn Martinez is modeling an original design from April’s Black Diamond’s designs.

Their originality begins from the moment April chooses the fabrics and the fabrics patterns. “The first thing I do is get together with my team, in any of my two stores in downtown Los Angeles, and make some ideas clear. Then, I draw a sketch of the embroidery that I want by hand; I choose the fabrics, usually silks and taffeta; and finally, I make my orders to India, from where I receive the best of the best,” says the Mexican designer. “In this way, we are working since the beginning with fabrics that are more than exclusive.”

Then, it comes the turn to the most important part of the process: the design of the dress. This is where April has applied everything that she learned in the prestigious FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, to create a collection with over twenty quinceañera dresses, where the sumptuous and the baroque are the house brand.

April dress Black Diamond's signature.

April Dress, Black Diamond’s signature. Photo courtesy of Black Diamond’s April Design.

As for the colors of her creations, despite that the designer adapts herself to the taste of her clients, she does not hide her passion for bright tones:

“I want the girls to look spectacular, extravagant. I want them to excel in their day, so I frequently design my dresses in green, red, yellow, turquoise and all types of blue, which are the ones that young women of today request me the most”. 

These and the dresses inspired by the classic fairy princesses are the ones that, according to the designer, continue to ravage the collection since she launched it five years ago.

 “I dress the girls like Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, but with a completely revamped version including lace, glitter and jewels designed by myself.”
In short, a complete designer who offers you total exclusivity in Quinceañera dresses.

April Black Diamond’s

1046 Santee St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Contact telephone 323-572-7061

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