Choose the best Quinceañera dress for your body type
Choose the best Quinceañera dress for your body type

Choose the best Quinceañera dress for your body type

If you go into a dress store not knowing what cut of Quinceañera dress best flatters your figure, dress shopping may quickly turn into your least favorite part of party planning.

This easy-to-follow guide will spare you time and anxiety by helping you determine the cut that can accentuate your best assets and minimize your least favorite.


1.) Mermaid/Trumpet: This cut highlights a woman’s curves. Its silhouette contours to the body from the chest to the knee, and then flares out to the hem. The mermaid cut has a slightly longer tail than the trumpet, and the trumpet cut flares out wider than the mermaid style.

Who It Flatters: Slender, short and tall Quinceañeras, as well as those who are comfortable with their curves.


2.) A-Line/Princess: A traditional Quinceañera dress is designed in this style. This type of dress has a slimming bodice and full-skirt that reaches down to the floor.

Who It Flatters: A ball gown fits every body type. It has a fitted bodice that can create the illusion of a flat or bulge-free mid section, and has a full skirt that can hide wide hips or accentuate them if they are slim.


3.) Dropped waist: In this cut, the waistline is dropped below the hips.

Who It Flatters: Traditionally, shorter girls were advised against this cut since it tends to give the illusion of shortened legs. However, it has become more popular with shorter girls as much as it is with taller Quinceañeras.


4.) Empire: The waistline of this style of dress sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the gown flows down.

Who It Flatters: Quinceañeras with large busts can benefit from the coverage and support this style offers. The room in the stomach area also makes it ideal for girls that are looking to minimize their midsection.


5.) Sheath: Also referred to as a column dress, this type pf gown tends to hug the body from top to bottom and has some room at the hem.

Who It Flatters: Lean, or petite girls can use this style to accentuate their figure, since there is not much room for hiding problem areas around the mid section. The sheath dress also creates the illusion of added height.


Now, which one would you choose?



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