Donate your XV dress
Donate your XV dress

Donate your XV dress

There isn't much you can do with your Quinceañera dress after wearing it, other than storing it or throwing it away. Not sure what to do with that beautiful and extravagant Quinceañera dress? Chances are you'll never wear it again.


Why not consider donating it to help a less fortunate girl so that, like you, she can have the party of her dreams?

Here are some places where you can donate your Quinceañera dress to help a young girl have an unforgettable experience.


1. www.princessproject.org –

The Princess Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fashionable party dresses and accessories for teenagers who cannot afford them. Since 2002, over 20,000 young people in Northern California have benefited from fabulous party dresses and everything they need to complete their look.

Visit their website to find out where and when to drop off your dress or send an email to [email protected].


2. www.beccascloset.org –

This organization was founded by friends of a Florida teenager named Rebecca Kirtman who tragically died in a car accident in August 2003. During her first year in high school, Becca and her family began helping young girls who lacked resources to get the dress of their dreams for prom. These days, Becca's legacy lives on through the charity called Becca's Closet. The organization is now present in several states to help young girls improve their appearance and feel better at their prom.


3. www.cinderellaproject.ca –

The Cinderella Project is a nonprofit organization that provides beautiful dresses and accessories for high school girls attending prom or quinceañera celebrations. To find out how you can donate your dress to the Cinderella Project serving the Los Angeles area, visit their website at www.cinderellaproject.ca or email [email protected].

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