Eduardo Lucero Styles Red Carpet Quinceañeras
Eduardo Lucero Styles Red Carpet Quinceañeras

Eduardo Lucero Styles Red Carpet Quinceañeras

No runway or celebrity can resist Eduardo Lucero’s designs for the feminine, modern and romantic woman.

He has been exquisitely dressing women for 22 years now with vivid colors, feminine details, elegant and vanguard touches as trademarks of his designs. But if there is anything Eduardo Lucero shows off, it’s his perfectly fitting gowns.

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Perhaps that is the reason why Drew Barrymore has chosen to be dressed by the designer for two of her Academy Awards appearances, Jada Pinkett-Smith wore one of his designs at the Grammy’s and Eva Longoria appeared on an episode of “Desperate Housewives” with one of his creations.

The native from Durango, Mexico understands how important it is for a woman to wear an exclusive design. That is why artists, brides and Quinceañeras go to him in search for an exclusive dress that will “accentuate their attributes.”

While preparing for his next fashion runway show, the famous designer welcomed us at his atelier located in West Los Angeles to tell us about the latest trends and his new projects.

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It is my understanding that you were attending med school then decided to change paths, how did you make such a drastic decision?

When I came to Los Angeles I was accepted to med school, then after my first year of college I took a fashion design class and loved it! I consider myself a “fashion surgeon” since I can make a woman seem taller or thinner with my creations.

You have been devoted to fashion for over 20 years. What has made you so successful?

I am passionate about what I do. My gowns are like my children and I put an effort in making my garments perfectly fitting. The cut is fundamental. My objective is to create a dress that will perfectly fit you and no one else necessarily.

When it comes to your career, what is the one thing that gives you the most sense of pride?

I have learned to evolve. I am unstoppable, I do two runway shows a year, I attend the Los Angeles Fashion Week and
have closed on several occasions the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico. I am always doing modern and different things. I design futuristic garments then apply it to wedding or Quinceañera dresses.

If  it is not a secret, can you share with us your next project?

I am excitedly working on aclothing and accessory line for men. It will be very “cool”.

What type of woman do you think of when designing?

I think of a curvy Latin woman. My gowns favor women of all ages. I design for real women, and my designs have a romantic touch.

In your opinion, what are the current trends?

Watercolor tones that tend to be a little transparent and not, so opaque are in trend as well as asymmetric cuts and embroider lace since they are fitted to the body.

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What is the difference between making a wedding dress, a Quinceañera dress or a red carpet dress?

For me, there is no difference. I treat a girl who will celebrate her Quinceañera as if she was going to receive an Oscar. Everyone is important for me.

When it comes to creating the dress of your dreams, how much time in advance must your clients book your services?

I ask for a minimum of three months, however, for a Quinceañera dress I ask for at least six. When someone is in charge of making a dress especially for you, it is important for it to be a good experience and for every single detail to turn out beautifully.

Which look is best for a young girl? 

It is important for the girls to look youthful, fresh and delicate and not like a 30-year-old woman. They shouldn’t look like their moms.

Lastly, do you have any advice for our Quinceañeras to be?

To evaluate their body and look for a style that will fit them best. Every girl has a special attribute and I make sure I highlight it with my gowns.





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