Hot Quince Dresses Colors to Make You A Teenage Dream
Hot Quince Dresses Colors to Make You A Teenage Dream

Hot Quince Dresses Colors to Make You A Teenage Dream


Hot Quince Dresses Colors to Make You A Teenage Dream

Some of the dresses at our OC Expo this past week!

Katy Perry is our style crush this month because she just absolutely rocks every outfit, color and makeup look she puts on. We’ve rounded up five colors inspired by our favorite California Gurl’s signature bold looks to guide you in finding your perfect Quince dress color.

Take a look at these Quince dresses, you might find what you’ve been looking for all along!

Coral crush quinceañera dress

1) Coral Crush

Wear this citrus hue to spice up your Quince dress look. Pair with gilded accessories like hammered gold bangles and a dash of self-tanner to your arms for a tropical look.

Minty Fresh QUinceanera dress

2) Minty Fresh

Last year, Katy Perry had all eyes on her (including her boy crush John Mayer) when she wore a mint green gown to the Grammys. Accentuate your mint Quince dress with a vintage necklace adorned with gold and turquoise stones just like Katy’s dress embellishments.

Turquoise QUinceanera dress

3) Teal Us About It

So you don’t have to die your hair blue like Katy to get a fierce blue look for your Quince. Dress up in a teal or turquoise Quince dress and add glittery eyeshadow in a blue tone for a dazzling beauty look to complement your dress.

Radiant Orchid Quinceañera dress

4) Radiant Orchid

Your Quince guests are going to hear you roar when you walk in wearing Pantone’s 2014 color of the year. Radiate in Radiant Orchid by wearing this powerful purple with silver accessories. You can also wear your jewelry à la Katy from her ‘Roar’ music video by adding touches of pink, orange and red to your orchid color palette.

Fuschia QUinceanera dress

5) Feeling Fuchsia

Play with magic in a charming fascia Quince gown. Stand out from the crowd of pink dresses with some bold pink lips, similar to Katy’s ‘Dark Horse’ music video makeup look.

Whichever Quince dress look you end up choosing, just make sure to be confident and playful, just like our girl Katy Perry!

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