How to get into a Quinceañera Dress
How to get into a Quinceañera Dress

How to get into a Quinceañera Dress

A Quinceañera is a Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl’s adolescence, and it’s generally on her 15th birthday. It’s that time of her life when she leaves childhood and enters womanhood. The girl is no longer a wanderer with the young kids and has become señorita and her 15th birthday – this celebration is all about transformation from one stage of her life to the other. The Quinceañera party is thrown to remember the fact that she has now grown up. Her dress should illustrate the glowing feminist traits that she is developing with every passing day.

That’s the purpose of this Quinceañera party, to make the girl feel special and symbolize the fact that she is no longer the kid she used to be, and the Quinceañera dress plays a special role in this regard.

The Tradition

Traditionally, the Quinceañera girl wears a ball gown mostly in white with her court – her friends and family members, dressed in gowns and tuxedos. There are some unique traditions associated with this day, such as the changing of the shoes, where the father of the girl or any other favored male changes the shoes of the girl from flats to heels. This symbolizes her evolution from a girl to a young lady. Other than that, several other customs take place during the event such as kneeling pillow, toast to the Quinceañera known as Brindis and the Last doll custom, which depicts the fact she has left childhood.

The dress

Before the big day, the issue of utmost importance is the Quinceañera dress to buy for your girl. It’s her most special day of life so you want to be assured of the fact that she wears the best out of the lot. Your Quinceañera dress should be a beautiful reflection of the woman you’re becoming, and a symbol of style and taste. In the olden days, the dress was considered to be the most vital element of this celebration, and preparations to craft this amazing piece of silhouette started months before the actual day of celebration. Earlier, girls wore long pink or white gowns but nowadays, girls seem to be wearing all kinds of pastel colors which ever they wish for or which suits them the best.

The First Trial

This dress basically symbolizes the fact that the girly fashion is long gone, and the womanly fashion has entered your arena. So, you need to look your best on this day and this dress should be the most illuminating part of the celebration. But getting into this dress sometimes takes a toll on the birthday girl. The shoulders drop sometimes, the waistline isn’t appearing in the optimal place, and the gown is making you stay right where you are without moving a single step. You’ve ordered the dress long before the day and when your tailor calls you for the first trial, and you face these issues, your mind starts thinking of the spoiled Quinceañera day. Always remember one thing; you are paying the tailor for his services, so don’t set yourself up for disaster.

The Waist-line

This is the most important part of the Quinceañera dress. All the other areas of the dress can be managed if they aren’t 100 percent fitting, but the waist line is something you should start caring about when you turn14. No tailor in the world could fit you into a Quinceañera dress with an enormous waist line. Some things are just a compulsion, and having a slimmer waist would help you get into the dress more comfortably without any major overhauls. It’s basically that time of your life when you want to look the way you dreamt of. Before marriage, this is the biggest day of your life, so you want to look your best. Try some basic exercises to pin that waist line down, and embrace yourself into a strict diet regimen to match the dimensions of an ideal Quinceañera dress. You can certainly get yourself a quality waist trainer in order to sculpt those inches off the waist.

The Preserving part

Now, your celebration is over, and the guest just loved the absolutely stunning thing you wore on that day, but for now after you remove the make-up and loosen up, you need to make sure that your Quinceañera dress lasts long. You can certainly use it for your dance ball headers and this thing could eventually be passed onto the next generation, so it becomes a family heirloom. You can take the services of a Gown Preservation company, get it dry-cleaned by a professional who specializes in gowns and ball dresses, you can dry-clean the dress at your home too, but you need to be careful with the solvents because some of them are so intense that they take the sheen away from the dress making it look dull only after one wash.


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