Is Your Quinceañera Dress Fake or Real?
Is Your Quinceañera Dress Fake or Real?

Is Your Quinceañera Dress Fake or Real?

We’re constantly obsessing over the dresses on our Instagram feed and dream of finding our very own Quince dress we can obsess over, but are you really buying the real or the replica?

With so many great styles released by popular dress designers, it can be so difficult saying yes to the dress. But before we get there, we have some tips and juicy information on how you can get the actual Quinceañera dress of your dreams!

Now, let’s make it clear. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a ‘mock dress’, especially if you are on a budget. It is only wrong if you purchase the designer dress and receive the replica.

How can you tell whether the dress is a replica? Keep scrolling down.

One thing to consider before purchasing your Quince dress, is researching who’s the designer and the style of the dress.

When purchasing online or at boutiques, make sure to look out for the following.

Retailer offers:

“Made in China”

Chinese manufactures usually have the greatest deals that will have you hooked instantly! For example, “Shipped within 3-4 business days.” The bummer is they are usually false advertisement, and can result in you receiving a totally different dress. If so, avoid Chinese manufactures.

“We have this style in every color.”

An important tip you should know is, most popular dress designers only have 3–4 colors available per style. If the retailer offers all colors, it is most likely a replica of the dress you are looking for.

“The corset and skirt cam be changed.”

So far, the only authentic dress designer we know who does offer this and is legit, is Quinceañera Collection by House of Wu.


When trying on Quince Dresses, try on a variety and pay attention to the quality.

Authentic Dress Details:

A woman in a pink Quinceanera gown posing for a picture

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  • Usually includes a tail.
  • More tulle is added for a puffy appearance.
  • Beading and stitching tacked on properly.
  • Dress is comfortable and not too heavy
  • Price ranges from $600-$1600


Quinceanera - A woman in a pink dress posing for a picture in a gown

Click here to purchase dress by La Quinceañera by Decoradisimo!

  • Does not include a tail.
  • Less puffy, which means you have less room to move around.
  • Beading can be a little too heavy and stitching is too visible. (As if it’s coming off.)
  • Price ranges from $300- $600

Featured image is property of Decoradisimo. To learn more and shop for Quince dresses, click here.

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