Light Quinceanera Dress Fabrics for Warmer Weather

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Wearing a heavy quince dress in the middle of the summer can be miserable for most girls, so it’s important to choose the right fabric for the season that your party will be held during.

When it comes to quinceaneras held during the hot summer months, these 5 quinceanera dress fabrics are generally the best to keep your cool and comfortable.

Silk – Silk is extremely smooth to the touch and keeps the surface of the skin cool no matter what the temperature is. Keep in mind that a silk dress is going to likely be form fitting and quite expensive as it is a highly desired luxury fabric.

Organza – Organza is a sheer lightweight fabric that both looks and feels great. Since this fabric is usually fluffy, most ball gowns are given their volume with layers of organza. Traditionally, organza was made by loosely weaving silk strands together, but these days, most affordable versions are constructed out of synthetic fibers. Due to its ethereal quality, organza is also commonly used in special occasion accessories such as veils and trains.

Tulle – Another ideal fabric for a summer quince dress is tulle. Adding a lightweight material such as tulle to a dress is a terrific way to give the skirt a bit of volume without weighing you down.

Chiffon – Gowns made out of chiffon are a fantastic choice for parties held during the summer months. It’s light and highly breathable allowing airflow to keep you cool despite the high temperatures outside.

Taffeta – To give bodices structure without adding weight to the gown, many designers choose taffeta. This fabric is soft and smooth to the touch while being strong enough to hold the shape of the dress. Many quince dress designers also like using this fabric because it’s affordable and looks a whole lot more expensive than it actually is.

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