The Perfect Outfit for your Mom on your Quince
The Perfect Outfit for your Mom on your Quince

The Perfect Outfit for your Mom on your Quince

Help your mom to get the perfect outfit to make her look extra beautiful on such a special day!


Your Quinceañera is around the corner and everything is almost ready, now you must help your mom choose the perfect outfit to wear. There are several things to consider before making the right choice such as her taste, the color, the design and even the type of shoes she prefers. You want her to look sophisticated, elegant and comfortable at the same time.

It’s about style

This is your special day, but consider the next person after you to get the most attention would be her, therefore she must look her best. Ask her if she prefers to wear a long or a short dress, or perhaps even a skirt or slacks. What’s important is to define your mom’s style before looking for the perfect outfit.

Glamour and elegance to complete the perfect outfit

She must reflect the event’s formality. If she usually wears the same type of outfit, dare her to try something new for your Quince. A long dress might give her a sophisticated look, and a bit of shine will add the glamour you’re looking for.

Quinceañera Moms


Black is elegant, yet it is usually associated with sadness, ask your mom to wear other colors, especially happy tones. Experiment with blue, yellow, green, purple, pink or red. Try drape styles, strapless, open shoulder dresses or trumpet cut gowns. When looking for the perfect dress, always keep in mind your mom’s skin tone and body type to get the perfect outfit for her.



Comfort must be what you’re looking for, your mom will be standing up all throughout the party, therefore these play a super important role. If she prefers high heel shoes, go for it! But if she is not used to walk with these types of sandals, the best would be to wear them a week prior and break them in. This will help her walk more comfortably the day of your Quinceañera.  Low heel sandals are always an option as they are super comfortable and elegant, we are sure that the right shoes will complement the perfect outfit.

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