Pros of Wearing a Short Quince Dress
Pros of Wearing a Short Quince Dress

Pros of Wearing a Short Quince Dress

There are tons of ways to make a bold fashion statement at your Quinceañera. One of the most underrated is wearing a short Quince dress!

 Short dresses can be just as glamorous and elegant as long ones, not to mention they are a super fun way to shake up tradition and stand out. Plus, there are so many added bonuses! You won’t have to worry about tripping or getting super sweaty dancing the night away, and it’s guaranteed to be comfier than wearing a long, heavy gown all night. Still, need more convincing? Here are even more Pros of Wearing a Short Quince Dress.

You Get to Have More Fun with Your Shoes! 

Another great way to make a fun fashion statement at your Quince is with a bold pair of heels! Short dresses allow you to show off your shoes and play around with exciting styles! A fun, bright color or a strappy heel would pair perfectly with a short dress. 

They Flatter All Body Types! 

Short dresses come in more of a variety of shapes, styles, and lengths which gives you more freedom to show off your unique body type! Whether you’re short or tall, curvy or slim, you are guaranteed to find a short dress that will flatter your best assets. 

Short Dresses Give You More Mobility!

It’s not easy having all eyes on you at your Quince! It will be so much easier to move around the venue to pose for pictures, greet your guests, and dance while wearing a shorter dress versus a long one. You also will have peace of mind knowing your dress won’t be getting stepped on or caught on anything throughout the night. 

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Short Dresses Are Budget-Friendly! 

It’s no secret that a short dress is usually going to be more affordable than a long dress. This is great for a lot of reasons — alterations will cost less and probably be less complicated, and you may even have more money left over in your budget to splurge on a cool pair of shoes or stunning jewelry. 


Stand Out! 

Wearing a shorter Quince dress is a guaranteed way to stand out because it’s not very common that we see one! And more importantly, you shouldn’t feel pressured to wear a long dress because it feels more traditional. If wearing a short dress is what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident, your guests will take note of how you march to the beat of your own drum, as well!

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