Quinceañera Dresses from Raul Corona
Quinceañera Dresses from Raul Corona

Quinceañera Dresses from Raul Corona

Mexican designer Raul Corona made his presence known to the audience of Quinceanera.com for the first time at last year’s Ontario Fashion Show. There, he showcased his collection, which is made up of Quinceañera dresses that are heavy and exuberance.

According to the designer, the proposal behind his designs is to make high-fashion gowns attainable for Quinceañeras. Here, the designer tells us more about that concept and explains his idea of presenting an entire “Quinceañera look” for each of his designs, which comes with the hair, makeup and accessories, that according to Corona, complement his dresses from head to toe.

A man in a suit and bow tie standing in front of a Quinceanera venue

Raul Corona, designer of JRC Exclusive Designs.

Tell me about the collection you presented at our last Expo in Ontario.
I presented a collection of princess dresses because since it was my first time presenting to that audience, I wanted to show something that they were used to seeing. But of course, I had to add my style to it. The fashion show began with jewelry box music playing throughout the speakers. As the first model began making her way down the center runway, the train of her dress was barely making its way up the stairs. It was fabulous!

The dress skirts, hair and makeup were also quite elaborate…
It was definitely an over the top fashion show. The skirts were so large they took over the stage, the accessories were as large as the hairdos and the makeup was very pronounced. More than just designing dresses, I also create an entire show and image out of them. As I’m designing, I’m also picturing the hair, makeup and accessories, and I’m also thinking about how the dress would look on the runway.

A Quinceanera dancer wearing a blue and black dress

A JRC Exclusive Design model poses for the audience at the September 2011 expo.

So do you design for the show of it, or for Quinceañeras?
For both. Now a day, Quinceañeras are all about the dress. Young girls are well aware of the next teen on their tail about to have their Quince as well, and they want to have the best dress too. It’s all about the show of it, and that’s where I come in! Besides, a Quinceañera is a very important event in a young girl’s life, so the dress should definitely reflect that significance.

Speaking of tails, you’re known as the guy who makes Quinceañera dresses with trains…
Ahh, yes! My designs have 12 feet long trains and I often use a combination of six hoop skirts and petticoats, each six feet wide, to create extra large skirts. I also use a lot of fabric and layering, which usually makes the dresses weigh about 14 pounds. People begin to recognize my dresses because of that and know to expect explosive designs from me.

But doesn’t all that weight make it difficult for Quinceañeras to dance?
There are those that think that my dresses are too much, but that’s only because they’re not used to that type of Quince dress. But besides, I make the trains as long or as short as the client wants them. I also make them removable so they have the option of having a voluminous gown for their pictures and have an equally exquisite gown for the Quinceañera reception. Girls can also remove a hoop skirt to make the skirt smaller. All of my clients have done it in the past and no complaints so far! But for my fashion shows and editorial work, I use many hoop skirts and make the trains as long as I want.

Gown Quinceañera dresses, a woman in a colorful dress posing for a picture

One of the designer’s Mardi Gras-themed Quinceañera dresses.

You also create “looks” to accompany your dresses, correct?
Yes. Not all Quinceañeras know how to pair the right hair, makeup and accessories with a dress, and others are simply overwhelmed with the options and need some assistance. What I do with my collections is trying to facilitate the entire process by presenting a complete look that will compliment the dress.

Where does the exclusivity in “JRC Exclusive Designs” come in?
I don’t mass produce my dresses, so people know they’re receiving a quality dress. Each gown is hand made, and each detail is hand embroidered. I use Swarovski crystals to embellish the entire bodice and use layers and layers of material to create the volume of the skirts. I also design to the taste of my clients so if they want to remove layers, add more details, or change the dress colors, I can do that as well.

What’s the cost of one of your dresses?
Typically, around $4,500 to $5,000. I work with all budgets and offer payment plans as well. I work mostly with taffeta and organza but can use lesser or more expensive materials too, it really all depends on my client’s budget. But even if I use the lesser expensive material, the dresses are of high quality because they all receive the same attention to detail.

gown Gown

Boots and accessories courtesy of Wild West Boots.

What are you creating for the San Fernando Valley Quinceañera Expo?
I’m going to present new dresses that I have not presented anywhere else before, and some of them will be “grupero” dresses that revolve around a cowboy theme. A lot of girls that follow that style of music have their Quinceañeras in a ranch and have “banda” music in their party as well. So this style is perfect for them! It includes the embellished cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots.

Where can your designs be viewed and ordered?
Online and at my showroom, which is open by appointment only. And of course, at the Quinceanera.com Expo and Fashion Shows where I will be presenting new designs all year long.


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