Ragazza: Mexican Quince dresses
Ragazza: Mexican Quince dresses

Ragazza: Mexican Quince dresses

Carolina Vazquez Ortega designs Quinceañera dresses for Ragazza Fashion with the idea that the Quinceañera’s personality be the deciding factor when selecting a Quince dress.

Fashion design runs in her blood. Since a young age, she witnessed her mother make other women’s dreams come true by stitching fabrics together to create glamorous evening gowns and everyday wear. And although a turn of events would lead Carolina Vazquez Ortega to pursue a career in architecture, she would soon discover that her true passion lay in constructing dresses for Quinceañeras rather than creating buildings.

For the past eight years, the Guadalajara, Mexico native along with her husband and design team have constructed over 1,000 gowns for young girls searching for the ideal Quince dress.

Such is the popularity of her Ragazza Fashion collections in the Mexican republic where she hosts her headquarters and is known for her elaborate use of untraditional skirts and conceptual designs, that now Ortega and her team have managed to slowly-but surely, make noise in the US Quinceañera market as well.

A woman in a Quinceañera dress from raggazza fashion is posing for a picture

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing Quince dresses?
The collaboration between the young girls, her parents and I. It takes a team to create a dress she feels beautiful in, a dress her parents are comfortable with, and a high quality garment that we are honored to produce.

What makes a quality gown?
In our case, it’s time and delicacy. Each gown is literally flipped upside down and turned inside out to make sure it’s sewn properly and to the highest standards.

Where do you get your inspiration for Ragazza’s collections?
Animals, circus, stonework and everything around me, but also from my clients. Quinceañeras are very demanding and knowledgeable about what they like, which is good because they keep me on my toes. They also inspired the name Ragazza, which is Italian for ‘young girl’.

How would you define the style your line of Quince dresses exemplifies?
Fashion forward. I’m always looking for ways to create new styles, whether it’s in the skirt or the neckline. This is something I do on a daily basis with the intention of being modern but keeping in mind the girl’s integrity as well.

What type of girl did you have in mind when you designed your L’Bouton collection?
I was thinking about a sweet girl that likes to have fun. But of course there are so many different Quince personalities that in each collection I always include a dress for a girl that is flamboyant, one that is more timid, daring, etc.

Do you also take custom orders?
Yes. Although we have our collections, sometimes girls request that certain things be changed, like the skirt or corset, for example. There’s no problem.

How much should they expect to pay for one of your Quince dresses?
Each of our authorized retailers sells the dresses in a package either with shoes, accessories or whatever else they see fit, and they put the price on the package. However, for individual pricing, girls can message us on Facebook with a description of the dresses they like.

What’s the easiest ways that girls can order a Ragazza quince dress?
We have various authorized retailers in the United States from which they can purchase a dress, our through our Facebook page, which serves as our main website. Girls should confirm with us to make sure they are ordering from a real Ragazza retailer.

What are you working on for next year?
We’ll be promoting our limited edition Paradise Collection, which is very colorful and inspired by sandy beaches.

What trends do you see coming up?
Bright colors like hot pink will still be very popular, just like strapless tops. Rather than using short dresses for the surprise dance, quince girls will enjoy the comfort of embellished shorts.

What should be the main factors when looking through Quince dresses?
Comfort and personality. A quince is a once in a lifetime moment so there’s no time to worry about silly rules like being too short, dark-skinned, fat, or skinny to wear a certain quince dress. If you find a quince dress that you look, get it!

What should they avoid?
It’s not pleasant to see Quince dresses with a plunging neckline that is too revealing or with a skirt so short that they are constantly needing to be pulled down.

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