Rolling with the Mini for your Quince Dress

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Perfect for any quince theme and whichever season your quince may fall on, you have endless options of dresses to choose from. Here are a few options to consider if you find yourself wanting to choose the mini over the traditional quince dress.

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Cute and sassy
If you’re this type of girl, or if this is the type of dress you want to wear for your fiesta, you’d want to go for dresses that have a definite wow factor to them. This design, for example, is a simple tube top cut with an A line skirt, but the huge bow in the front completely transforms what could be a plane Jane slip-on into a cute and sassy quince mini. And in this adorable pale pink hue, the pink bow mini dress is even sassier.

Fun and Funky!Fun and funky
For a fun and funky quince mini, bold colors such as this hot pink against a satin black are a definite eye-catcher. In a center drop, heart-shaped bustier cut with the hot pink bow in front, this mini is ultra funky…in a good way. You can do as this model does here and wear this design with lace stockings or simply pump up the funkiness by going with a dark nail polish as opposed to a French mani. To accessorize, go with chunky bracelets and cuffs in shiny black.

Elegant and Classy!Elegant and classy
A classy dress never goes out of style. And as this laced mini proves, you can be a smoking diva in lace anytime! Aside from the beaded lace that falls over a nude lining, the halter neckline makes this design very elegant and sophisticated in a very youthful and fun way.

Chic and Stylish!Chic and stylish
Any mini like this Betsey Johnson tea party mini dress is chic and stylish. With endless layers of lace tiers and a thick sash below the bust area, this mini dress puffs out for a very girlie and chic flair. Conveniently placed on this design is a zipper closure that allows you to slip into the dress with ease, as opposed to trying to squeeze your way into it. For chic and stylish mini’s, look for dresses that make a statement with either the design, cut or material.


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