Rudy’s Tuxedo Shop Dresses your Chambelan!

Grecia Hernandez

With almost 5 years in the tuxedo rental business, Rudy’s Tuxedo Shop has sure set themselves apart from the rest.

The Las Vegas business offers a grand variety of your typical chambelanes outfits and most popular suits requested by men as well as unique and out-of-the-ordinary tuxedos.

Rebecca, founder and proud owner of the dapper business, says rentals in gray, white, ivory are the most popular requests they get.quinceanera and chambelan wearing a green and gray tuxedo


But the charro plus their navy and military suits are by far the ones that get the most love, especially when it comes to Quinceaneras. These novelty suits’ rental goes from $130 up to $150.

Their average tuxedo rental go from $75 to $85 per tuxedo, but of course, the more you get the more likely you will end up getting an amazing discount.

If you already purchase a tuxedo for your dad or chambelan but it does not fit them as you wish, bring it over to Rudy’s Tuxedo Shop and they’ll make alterations for you! They also have gorgeous vest, ties and bow ties to complement your chambelanes’ outfit.

If you live in Las Vegas and are looking for a fabulous out-of-the-box type of tuxedo to rent or buy visit them at 4161 S Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89119.

quinceanera and chambelanes at mass wearing blue and black tuxedos

They’re open for business Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm, or hit them up at (702) 245-6746 or [email protected]

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