Style Trend: Chambelanes Outfits Per Season
Style Trend: Chambelanes Outfits Per Season

Style Trend: Chambelanes Outfits Per Season

Don’t have a date yet but know the season in which you’ll be celebrating your Quinceañera? Here are some ideas on how to have dapper looking chambelanes. Take a look at the ideal colors, fabrics, and trends ideal for each season.

Having a Spring Quinceañera?

Quinceanera: A man in a pastel suit, wearing a white suit and blue tie. A man in a rose gold chambelanes suit, wearing a tan suit and a pink bow tie Quinceanera, a man in a suit and tie with a flower on his lapel

Add pastel and floral details to your chambelan’s outfit for a romantic altogether look.

Celebrating over the Summer?

A man in a short sleeve wedding suit, wearing a vest and bow tie, standing on the beach during a Quinceanera celebration A man in a white suit and tie standing on a beach at a Quinceanera event A man in a suit and bow tie sitting on a wall, wearing a Greek Quinceanera outfit for men

This is a slight variation of the spring attire, loafers, and moccasins are the shoes to sport sockless!

Pair them up with a stylish suit or trendy suspenders for your chambelanes’ outfits and don’t be afraid to go for short sleeves and light colors like white and tan.

Fall in Love with These!

A man wearing a gentleman suit and hat standing on a porch at a Quinceanera event A man in a grey suit and tie posing for a picture at a Quinceanera

Autumn allows you to be a bit more daring with bold red and brown combinations.


Stay Warm in Style

A man wearing a blue dogtooth suit and tie, standing on the street A close up of a person wearing a tuxedo suit and tie at a Quinceanera event. Men's black velvet blazer, a couple of men standing next to each other at a Quinceanera

Depending on how cold the weather is where you live, your chambelan can easily steal the spotlight with English-inspired suits or a velvet jacket.

For a traditional Quinceañera is best to stay with the classic black tuxedos, it never fails!



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