An Authentic Mexican Quinceañera
An Authentic Mexican Quinceañera

An Authentic Mexican Quinceañera


A Mexican Quinceañera: beautiful and strong.

Alberto Arroyo inherited the needle and thread from his parents in Guanajuato. At the age of 13, he learned the trade of making a Mexican quinceañera happy by making their tulle, crinoline, and taffeta dreams come true.

From his atelier in the San Fernando Valley, Alberto helps young girls who travel from as far as Bakersfield to have their traditional quinceañera gowns made with a touch of contemporary fashion that reflects a generation of young Latinas.

In his boutique, Alberto’s Bridal, quinceañeras can find everything needed to put together their Quince attire from the gown to the crinoline, the glassware, bouquet, tiara, pincushion, cake utensils, and even the doll. Above all, they can find someone who listens to them.

“Not only do we try to make something beautiful, but something that complements the girl’s features as well.”


The colors make this dress authentic.

Interpreting Dreams of a Mexican Quinceañera

Alberto knows that a mexican quinceañera dreams about their gown, but sometimes they don’t know what they want. Coming to an agreement with their mothers is also a problem. “I try to pursue them to get a dress that remains for posterity; one in which they feel comfortable and adjusts to their body,” says the fashion designer who has 16 years of experience and three years managing his own business.

However, sometimes it is hard to make a decision because the girl and her mother want different things. “Both talk about different tastes in fashion and want different things, but the main purpose is to talk to the girl and find out what she wants. The quinceañera is a once in a lifetime event that is remembered forever, so we try to prevent a mexican quinceañera from looking at her pictures later on and say: I can’t believe I wore that!”

Together with his business partner, Eduardo Romero, and his sister, Lupita, Alberto helps families choose what adjusts to their interests by providing several options. “Not only do we try to make something beautiful, but something that complements the girl’s features as well. I recommend the best, something traditional but not old-fashioned, or something modern but not too exaggerated to the point that it looks ugly.”

From Traditional to Bold

Alberto’s creations come spontaneously. “Suddenly you get an idea and you make it into a sketch. Then you begin working and improving it. This is thanks to experience, you know when to stop if you’re trying to make something different. My inspirations are usually my nieces. I think about them most of the time because they have a very distinct personality and I can go from elegant to bold searching for materials and styles.

“Ever since I was 13, I would go to school and help my parents, although I never thought this would become my profession. Always creating, taking risks, and experimenting, this is how I got to where I am,” he assures. To Alberto, the fact that people trust his designs is something to treasure. He believes that his greatest challenge was creating his first design because after breaking the barrier he knew anything is possible.

Mexican Quinceañera



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