The Project Quince Experience

Yoana Estrada

After long days and hours of deliberating, the Project Quince dream dress giveaway winner was chosen.  I read over 200 entries, all of which touched my heart. Sadly, only one entry could win but I was pleased to let Yazmine L. know that she won. 

The Experience

We met at (the dress sponsor) where I would help her with her dress shopping experience. I was amazed, it took her 3 dresses and 30 minutes to find the one! I was so happy for her, she cried, her mom cried and yes, I did too. 

Yazmine, like many girls, is very deserving of pure kindness. I wish her to enjoy her Quince planning experience because it will go by fast. I hope she remembers this moment as an act of kindness and compassion. Reading the letters, watching Yazmine’s reaction, and witnessing the mother/daughter moment when the dress was found have all inspired me to focus on being that friend that many girls need at my age I hope the message behind this giveaway has made an impact on her life and many others.

Message from Penelope

I know firsthand how difficult growing up as a teen can be.  My goal is to share the beauty of life through positive experiences with teens who struggle with bullying, mental illness, feeling lonely, perhaps not having the friend group one wishes to have, the struggle with peer pressure, and share the ultimate Quince experience with them. Not just the Quince experience but to show them that kindness, and good people do exist. Congratulations, remember to be good to yourself.

-XO, Penelope

Dream Dress Giveaway Winner: Yazmine Linares

“I was in the car going to the gym with my friend when I got the news. Excitement and shock ran through me when I heard that I won the giveaway. These kinds of giveaways are important because not everyone gets a chance like this. I had a great time meeting Penelope and picking out my quince dress!  I’m excited to go back for my next fitting in the fall. I can’t wait to wear it on my quinceanera on May 13, 2023. Lastly, I would also like to thank Penelope and Quince Dresses Official for having the giveaway. Thank you for helping me pick out my dream dress!”


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