How to Choose your Quinceañera Dress
How to Choose your Quinceañera Dress

How to Choose your Quinceañera Dress


Although you will be the center of attention, the selection of the right Quinceañera dress, makeup, and hair style will help you appear radiant on this important day.
The following are some suggestions and ideas that will help you with the selection of your dress.

The Dress and your Body Type

Look for the dress that best fits your body and in which you feel completely comfortable.
To add volume from the waist down, a puffy tulle dress will create the desired effect.

  • If you want to narrow your silhouette, we recommend A-line dresses, corsets, imperial cut dresses, or dresses made with plain or undecorated material. The neckline can be V-shaped, a low round cut, or a halter.
  • If you will wear a backless dress, it should be either strapless or contain thin straps.

Dress Color and Fabric

It was customary for Quinceañera dresses to be white or a pastel color, decorated with sequins or another elaborate detail. Nowadays, tradition and fashion can be combined.
The color selection of the dress is important because it determines the colors that you choose for the decorations, invitations, cake, and flowers.
There is a wide variety of fabric to choose from. It varies from traditional silk to the most modern materials used today.
The style, type of fabric and color of your dress is determined by your style and personality, although we recommend that you stay close to today’s fashion trends.


Depending on your budget, you may wear one single dress or as many as three different dresses. The first dress which is used for the church ceremony can be more formal and traditional. The second dress can be worn at the reception and may be elegant but less formal. The third and final one should be the most comfortable, as you will wear it to dance throughout the night.
If the reception is formal, we recommend that you wear a long dress. On the other hand, if your celebration is less formal, you could select a short dress or a long skirt with a corset.

Dress Selection

1.- According to your budget, you will decide if you purchase or rent the dress and whether it is going to be new, second hand, custom-made, and whether you will have one, two or three dresses. Having your dress custom-made does not mean that it will be less expensive; the price depends on the type of fabric, design, and the tailor you select.

2.- The decision to select and order your dress should be made at least 9 months in advance, and you should have also visited several stores, web pages, and looked through magazines to make your decision.

3.- Ask your mother for advice or someone you trust in case your mother is not with you. We do not recommend being accompanied by several people when purchasing your dress because different opinions may confuse you.

4.- Search for the dress of your dreams until you find it. Make sure you are satisfied with your selection. It is absolutely necessary to try on all the styles you like and also those you do not like very much because you might find that you like the way they fit you.

Purchase or Custom Made?

Buying your dress has the advantage of a wide array of styles and prices. It will also help you save time and work, and it will make it easier to find the accessories in one place. If you do not find what you are looking for, but have an idea of what you want, go to a fashion designer and he or she will design your dress the way you would like it. And if you have not decided what you want, talk to an expert to see what he or she recommends. This way you will obtain a unique style made especially for you. Another advantage is that your fashion designer will adapt your dress to your budget.


Look for information and recommendations about fashion designers and/or tailors if you do not have your own. Make an appointment in advance (9 months) to discuss ideas on how you would like your dress. A professional will listen to you and give you his opinion. Remember that they have experience on the subject and will tell you what suits you best. Visit different fashion designers before deciding for one, you have to be convinced that the person you selected is the best person for the job. Remember that you will work together for a while. We recommend that you ask a lot of questions about your dress. For example: how much it will cost, what type of fabric will be used, how long is going to take to finish the dress, what type of accessories are recommended, type of shoes, etc.

When visiting the fashion designer for the dress fitting, wear the same shoes you are wearing on your Quinceañera day. If you have decided to wear your hair up for your big event, you should also wear it up when you go for your fitting so you can get a good idea of how the neckline will look. Also, take the jewelry and accessories you will use on that day. Go with your mother or someone you trust. Do not take anything that could stain your dress, especially makeup.

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