Top 10 myths about quinceañera dresses!
Top 10 myths about quinceañera dresses!

Top 10 myths about quinceañera dresses!

If you’ve started to plan your quince celebration, you’ve probably already put some thought into what kind of dress you want to wear. To help you better decide on exactly which gown you should choose, check out these top 10 myths about quinceañera dresses!


It has to be a ball gown – The traditional quinceañera dress is a typical ball gown style, but modern girls are now opting for more fun and flirty styles like high-low and fit-and-flare.



Your dress should be white – Express your individual style and wear a dress in a fun color like pink, blue, purple or even green.



It should be full length – You want a dress that’s modest enough for church, but don’t feel restricted to full length gowns. To show off their shoes, many modern quinceañeras are choosing to hike up the hemline a little bit with styles featuring a tasteful tea length.



  1. A quinceañera should find her dress at least a year in advance – Many formal gown retailers stock a number of sizes, so it’s actually possible to find your perfect dress on a short notice.



  1. You have to try lots of dresses on to find the perfect one – If you try too many dresses on, you might get overwhelmed with options and have a harder time deciding.



  1. You should never buy the first gown you try on – It’s not uncommon at all for some quinceañeras to walk out the door with the very first dress they tried on.




  1. Buying a dress online will save you money – If you don’t try on a dress before purchasing, you could end up paying more than expected for alterations.




  1. The dress must be expensive to be fabulous – You can always find affordable gowns that look just as gorgeous as the pricey high end ones.



  1. It has to match the outfits of your court – No one says you have to match your court. Stand out and wear something different, but complimentary.


10. It needs to have lots of detail – Sometimes less is best when it comes to details on the dress.



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