10 Must-Watch Netflix Series
10 Must-Watch Netflix Series

10 Must-Watch Netflix Series

If you aren’t at your summer job, or vacationing with your loved ones, you’re most likely on Netflix, right?

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At this point, you’re indecisive on what to do with all this free time so we assume you’re most likely laying down wondering ‘What’s good on Netflix?’. Well, we’ve gathered the top 10 most talked about series you must watch before school starts– you’re welcome!

When They See Us

The sad truth of the Central Park Five— an American drama of five young boys who are wrongfully charged with a crime they did not commit.


Money Heist

How did these criminals manage to make history and commit the biggest heist without getting caught? See for yourself.

Stranger Things

For all the fanatics of supernatural things! Join a crew of friends as they untangle a sequence of peculiar mysteries.

Orange is the New Black

What goes down in an all-women prison, stays in the all-women prison.

Sex Education

‘Sex’ is such an awkward topic to talk about and Otis, is awkward kid #1.

Jane the Virgin

How can someone be a pregnant virgin? Let Jane explain this odd incident.

One Strange Rock

Narrated by Will Smith, learn the beauty of our planet Earth with incredible scenery and rich history you didn’t even know existed.

The Office

If you need a good laugh with a twist of sarcasm, Jim and Dwight will get the job done.


Nominated for the Golden Globes Awards and winner of the Primetime Emmy Awards, this comedy is a must-watch! Take it back to the 1800’s in Las Vegas at a wrestling organization…

Black Mirror

The future is near, and it’s a little twisted.

Choose the most convincing series to binge watch before going back to school! If you haven’t already, sign up for a 30 days free trial.

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