5 Cool Presents for your Boyfriend vs 2 Gifts you Must Avoid
5 Cool Presents for your Boyfriend vs 2 Gifts you Must Avoid

5 Cool Presents for your Boyfriend vs 2 Gifts you Must Avoid

The holiday seasonreally puts to the test everyone looking to impress their crush. We must think of something affordable, cool and that the other person will go bananas over making us a king or queen in their eyes.

If you’re still clueless on what to get for your crush or boyfriend, take a look at these suggestions and please avoid the last two at all costs.

5 Cool Holiday Gifts for your Guy:

  1. hm-jackets

    These are available at H&M


You can never go wrong with some cool or fashionable clothes! H&M and Foreign Exchange have pretty sweet deals!


  1. starwars-battlefrontVideo games

This is something we will never outgrow! No matter how old we get we will still love playing video games!


  1. Neflitx, Hulu or XBox Membership

Winter break is the perfect time to binge on a few episodes of the shows we missed during midterm season and what better way to do so than at home.

  1. visa-gift-cardA gift card

Some might think these are not that personalized, we think different. You’re basically letting us choose our present, how cool is that? Add creativity to the gift by personalizing the way you deliver it to us.


Yummy in the tummy!

  1. A junk food basket! Need I say more?

A box filled with our favorite chips, chocolate and peanuts is gold!


2 Holiday Gifts you Must Avoid:

  1. A knock off or imitation brand name product

At this age we’re all on a budget so affordable presents are more than expected. Seriously speaking though, I would much rather get an inexpensive gift than an imitation product. I’ll be so embarrassed I’ll never use it (maybe if no one is around).

  1. A cheesy Christmas sweater, just don’t!

As popular as the ugly Christmas sweater has become, we’re not wearing one unless is to attend one of those parties. Put your knitting skills to the test with a scarf (choose gray or black) don’t aim for a sweater.


I think some of these may already be on your lists too but thanks for letting me share with you!

If your new to my articles, feel free tocheckout my previous stuffand get to know me a bit better.


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