Hey DJ! Play me some bachata!
Hey DJ! Play me some bachata!

Hey DJ! Play me some bachata!

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Prince Royce, Aventura and Romeo Santos have an important role in your Quinceañera celebration. The three popular urban artists can get your party started with their “Corazon sin cara”, “El malo” and “Promise” (featuring Usher singles), respectively. So if you’re one of the thousands of Quinceañeras that love bachata music, our comprehensive list of bachata artists will help you gather a list of songs perfect for your Quince party.

Although el requinto (bachata guitar), electric bass guitar, guira and bongo drums are typically what give this genre its unique sound, bachata has evolved with musical influences from the regions of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, United Sates, El Salvador and Honduras. And within the past few years, we’ve also seen a wave of young artists add their urban flair to this type of music, which is recognized as being founded by musicians such as Edillo Peredes and Leonardo Paniagua, father of romantic bachata.

Prince Royce is one of the new comers that have mainstreamed bachata music. Aventura, the urban group from the Bronx, has re-energized the tropical music scene as well as Sohanny, a female artist that uses bachata and touches of urban and pop music to deliver eclectic sound of Latin rhythms.

Most bachata songs speak about love and sadness, but with its catchy beat and specially when sung by heartthrobs such as Prince Royce, the spirit of the lyrics is lifted. Here is our list of must-play bachata songs that can also lift the spirit of your Quince party:


  1. Angel Y Khriz Me Enamoré – Da’ Take Over
  2. Antony santos “You”
  3. Aventura El malo – The Last
  4. El Chaval “Volvere”
  5. Frank Reyes “Princesa”
  6. Joan Soriano “Vocales de amor”
  7. Joe Veras “Vencido”
  8. Monchy y Alexandra “Hoja en blanco”
  9. Nueva Melodia “Si eres mia”
  10. Prince Royce “Corazon sin cara”
  11. Raulin Rodriguez “Medicina de amor”
  12. Romeo Santos “You”
  13. Sohanny “Deja el coro”
  14. Toby Love “Casi casi”
  15. Unique “Me pones loco”
  16. Xtreme “Te extraño”


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