Podcasts by Latinas That You Must Check Out
Podcasts by Latinas That You Must Check Out

Podcasts by Latinas That You Must Check Out

The medium of podcasts has continued to exponentially grow and create opportunities for voices who in the past might have not had the opportunity to share their story. Latinx podcasts have thrived with this new found opportunity. These podcasts can cover almost every topic imaginable. The genres of podcasts range from comedy, fashion, sports, entertainment, music, crime, and much more.

The best thing about podcasts is being able to tune in whenever you want. You can listen to a podcast while doing your homework, cleaning, walking, or on a long car ride. Below you can find fun and educational Latinx podcasts.


Host: Brenda Hernandez Jamies

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The Ellas podcast is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and empowering Latinas. Founder and host Brenda Hernandez Jamies hopes to create an impact in the lives, careers, and communities of Latina women. This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to start thinking about the type of career you want.

Locatora Radio: A Radio Graphic Novel

Host: Mala & Diosa

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A Radio Graphic Novel is just a fancy way of saying a podcast. This Dynamic Duo has been running this independent podcast since 2016. Mala and Diosa have been recommended in the LA Times and Oprah magazine. This is a great podcast to tune into for humor, pop culture analysis, and interviews.

Anything For Selena: A Podcast About Belonging

Host: Maria Garcia

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“Anything for Selena”, explores the legacy and impact that Selena Quintanilla has left behind. Maria Garcia finds connections between our lives and Selena. Some of the episode titles include, “Selena & Us”, ”Selena and The Internet”, and “Selena and Me.” The host Maria Garcia records her podcast episodes in both English and Spanish.

 Not Your Basic Latina

Host: Anali Martinez Gonzalez 

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This podcast hopes to bring more information about tech, film, music, books, true crime, and more. Her podcast episodes vary from Animal Crossing to cursed films, and ghosts among other things. Not your Basic Latina is the show for you if you’re anything but basic. Anali Martinez Gonzalez states, “I identify as a Latina but I am so 👏🏽 much 👏🏽 more 👏🏽 than 👏🏽 that.”

Latinx On the Rise

Host: Annabel Garcia Torres

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Annabel Garcia Torres is the host of Latinx On the Rise. This Society and based podcast have five stars on Apple Podcast. This podcast features high-achieving Latinx movers and shakers. The guests on the show hope to inspire Latinx youth everywhere. The podcast prides itself on representing all kinds of Latinx Americans across the country.

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