Upbeat Songs for your Quinceañera Surprise Dance
Upbeat Songs for your Quinceañera Surprise Dance

Upbeat Songs for your Quinceañera Surprise Dance

The last World Cup brought in Brazilian beats many artists adapted to their music. Some of these songs might be a great choice for your quinceañera surprise dance!

Choose from the following list of Quinceañera baile sorpresa songs and have your guests dance the night away.

Magalenha by Sergio Mendez

The Academy Award musician talks about celebrating a day of happiness in the lyrics of his own Magalenha, already a perfect song for such a special celebration.


Pon de Floor by Major Lazer

Just when you thought Beyonce’s Run the World couldn’t get better! Pon de Floor by Major Lazer is actually the original beat to Bee’s sampled 2011’s hit. Although the hit was not composed by Brazilian musicians, it uses funk carioca snare drums beat, which is dance music from Rio de Janeiro.


Waka Waka by Shakira

Show how your hips don’t lie and put your belly dancing skills to the test to the rhythm of the always cheerful waka-waka! This African jam is also inspired in samba-like rhythms.


Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo

The recently popular song is perfect as it combines the beat with slow music here and there, makes for romantic yet flirtatious moves.


Tapinha by Axe Bahia

As Ricky Martin would say: “Shake your bom, bom” to Axe Bahia’s Tapinha. This early 2000’s hit is sure to send guests of all ages directly to the dance floor.



Our favorites include Samba Batucada by Sergio Mendez and Samba de Janeiro by Bellini. Both jams will set a perfect party mood, especially if you happen to celebrate a Brazilian theme Quinceañera.

Grab some colorful feathers, glue shiny rhinestones to your favorite bikini or leotard, dance to the beat of samba and have your Quinceañera surprise dance be a success!

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