10 pairs of shoes every fashionista should have.
10 pairs of shoes every fashionista should have.

10 pairs of shoes every fashionista should have.

Whether your style is ultra-modern or feminine, it's no secret that you need a pair of fabulous shoes to complete your look from head to toe.

Walk in the right direction! The following options are comfortable, avant-garde and will undoubtedly put you on the 'best dressed' list.

Shoes with ribbons

Tie the ribbons on your shoes and walk like a catwalk model. Both flat shoes and high heels are beautiful options that you can wear with shorts or summer dresses. You will notice how they instantly make your legs look longer.

A close up of a person wearing high-heeled shoes for Quinceanera

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Converse Chuck Taylor

When we were girls we loved these shoes and that is why we are happy to know that they are not going to go out of style for a long time. The black and white originals are the most popular pairs, but now they are also offered in another variety of designs and colors to match any outfit, you can even customize them for your Quinceañera!

Quinceanera: a close up of a person's shoes on a city street

Nike running tennis

We all need a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes for working out and Nike offers exactly that. They have become so popular that even celebrities have been seen wearing them outside the gym.

Pointed toe and suede flat shoes

The suede is a fabric that has been trendy on the shelves this season and pointed flat shoes are the best sellers. Buy them in all colors and designs for a bold look every day.

Platform sandals

Sandals with platform It's no secret that heels can be very uncomfortable for a long event. Swap the stilettos for platform sandals for a more comfortable experience.


Every fashionista has a pair of heels in her closet that automatically elevate your outfit to another level, from casual to elegant.

A woman's legs wearing nude colored high-heeled shoes for a Quinceanera celebration.

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Ankle boots

Boots have evolved from the traditional medium size. Now it is the ankle boots that are causing a stir in the fashion world.

Gladiator sandals

Score a goal for glamor and wear gladiator sandals with your next look. Don't be surprised if you notice that other people's eyes are on you more than other days.

Casual sandals

Wear a pair of causal sandals to go to the beach, for ice cream or to the mall. Birkenstock and Rainbow sandals have become essential to look beautiful this summer.

Knee-high boots

For those looking for a little attention, add some knee-high boots to your wardrobe; They will be the perfect complement to your brown suede skirt or dress.

Quinceanera image of a person wearing red boots, a close up of high-heeled footwear

Via Instagram: @lolashoetique

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