After your party, the only thing you’ll be able to cherish are your memories and the souvenirs. Don’t you wish you could remember your special quinceañera every day and take those memories with you everywhere? That’s all possible with your customized quinceañera ring!

We present you the qualities the best quinceañera rings will have, so you can step into the jewelry store with expertise!


1. Set a Budget

We all know you wish you could have that $100,000 ring with real precious diamonds and 24k gold. But ask your parents what they feel comfortable spending so when you go to the jewelry store, you avoid looking for rings out of your price range.


2. Select your Metal

Do you wear more gold or silver accessories on a daily basis? Remember, you’ll be wearing your ring even after your quinceañera so you want to make sure it matches most of your wardrobe. Silver, gold, and platinum are the easiest to work with and are the most durable, least corrosive, and the shiniest metals.

quinceañera rings

Loving the combination of gold and silver, matches any wardrobe!

Here’s a quick guide to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your ring:

$ Silver: Since pure silver is soft and easily damaged, it is commonly mixed with other metals such as copper. It’s a popular option because it’s affordable, outshines gold, flatters all skin tones, and it’s the easiest to wear formally to your quince and then casually to school. If gold and platinum are out of your budget, you can always choose a silver ring and no one can tell!

$$ GoldLike silver, gold is also mixed with other metals such as copper and zinc to make it durable. For your ring, it’s recommended to purchase it in 18 Kt or 14 Kt since it’ll be going through so much. Why? It’s on your hand! In case you don’t like the color, you can always opt in for white gold. We’re sure you’ve heard the term “karat” used when gold is described. This is what it all means:

24 Karat (Kt): 99.9% pure

22 Kt: 91.7% pure

18 Kt: 75% pure

14 Kt: 58.3% pure

12 Kt: 15% pure

10 Kt: 41.7% pure

$$$ PlatinumPlatinum is a rare, silvery white metal that’s more precious than gold. Yes, we know, there’s something actually more valuable than gold! In order for your ring to be labeled “platinum” it must have a purity level of at least 95% or else it’s supposed to be labeled “platinum alloy” if less.


3. Now it’s time for some bling!

Diamonds: Shine bright like a diamond by learning the four C’s before you visit your jeweler (color, carat, clarity, and cut). Ideally, you want your diamond to be colorless, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing a colorful diamond. Carat refers to the size of the diamond, the larger the stone, the more your parents will have to pay. With clarity, you have to pay attention to any imperfections (scratches & cracks) that your diamond has, which will determine the value. Some of these damages cannot be seen with the naked eye and requires a special microscope. If your diamond is poorly cut (out of proportion), your stone will decrease in value as it’s less luminous.

Ruby: Increase your levels of energy, confidence, and creativity with a ruby red ring! Rubies are gorgeous because of their intense and combines perfectly with silver or gold metal. Rubies are an affordable option if diamonds are out of your budget. The most important factor to consider is color, the brighter, the better! Try to avoid dark or muddled rubies if you’re looking for the best quality.

Quinceañera rings_ruby

Beautiful ruby ring, dare to wear!

Emerald: This gemstone is believed to improve memory and intellect, in case you’re superstitious. Green is such a peaceful color, don’t ya think? Just like other precious stones, the best emerald jewelry, including quinceañera rings, will be clear and bright!

PearlsClassic, elegant, vintage are the words that best describe pearls. More chicas would rather wear pearls than a gold or silver accessory because of its elegance. Nowadays, there are natural and cultured pearls. Natural pearls are not easily available due to over fishing. Most pearl jewelry is now cultured. In case you had no clue, pearls come from oysters! The most important factor to consider is luster, which is the sharpness and intensity of reflections on its surface. So if you can see the reflection of your face clearly on the surface, it sure is a pearl of good quality!


4. Own it with your name

Still have money left in your budget? Engrave your name or the date of your quince on the inside or outside of your ring to customize it. It’s time to be creative! In case anyone tries to steal your ring, you’ll know it’s yours by looking at the engraving.

quinceañera rings

Your parents can include a heartfelt message to make it even more special!


5. Warranty

Wouldn’t you hate it if you lost or damaged your ring and your parents didn’t have the money to purchase another one? You would be devastated! To avoid any risks, purchase a warranty that will ensure that your ring will be repaired or replaced in case anything happens. Let’s knock on wood!