5 Things for your Quinceañera on sale this Black Friday
5 Things for your Quinceañera on sale this Black Friday

5 Things for your Quinceañera on sale this Black Friday

Don't waste your time, energy, and money on a new pair of boots! 

Take advantage of the great discounts and special offers of the day and cross some things off your to-do list for your Quinceañera.

1) Buy your XV dress at a great price

Can you imagine buying the XV dress of your dreams for less? This Black Friday could happen! There are many chances that you can get amazing deals online, but if you prefer to leave the house and go shopping yourself, Moda 2000 is having a sale on Quince dresses, visit them at their Anaheim location,  you could get yours for only $100.

2) Give your ladies a thank you gift

A group of three candles sitting on top of a wooden table with Quinceanera drinkware

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It's easier than you imagine! Any store will have great deals, whether on beautiful bags or short fancy dresses. You will see that your ladies will love it. Consider purchasing one large item (must be the same) for everyone or a custom package for each. Try some Victoria Secret fragrances, Forever 21 scarves, a cute set of earrings and necklace, and maybe a lipstick or eyeliner from MAC.

3) Suits on sale for your dad and your chamberlains

This requires a little skill, as you need everyone's measurements before purchasing their suits. Go to the nearest suit store and ask them bluntly if they are going to have sales the day after Thanksgiving. So your dad and your chamberlains can try on the suits in advance and you can get a big discount this Black Friday. If you're looking for deals online, we recommend our favorites: Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein and of course Friar Tux.

4) Get a discount on your Quinceañera invitations

Enjoy the days off you have from school, during Thanksgiving week, and search online to see which sites have the greatest variety of quinceañera invitations and of course, the best deals. Most usually have discount vouchers for you to use when checking out, which means almost all of their inventory could be discounted.

5) Save on your Quinceañera decoration

Michaels es la tienda ideal para la decoración de tus Quince

Michaels is the ideal store for decorating your Quince.

Some places like Michaels offer up to 80% off all their products online and up to 60% in their local stores. This is the perfect opportunity for you to buy the material you need to design your centerpieces yourself or even the souvenirs that you will give at your Quince.

In any of these 5 things that you decide to take advantage of the offers, try to do it online or, if you decide to go shopping, try to do it very early in the morning. Thanksgiving Day is a day to enjoy as a family. Enjoy this date with them!

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