6 easy steps for a homemade manicure
6 easy steps for a homemade manicure

6 easy steps for a homemade manicure

A homemade manicure is a practical way to keep your nails perfectly polished.

A fashion accessory manicure featuring step-by-step instructions for how to use a knife at a Quinceanera event

And although visiting the salon is an amazing form of relaxation, spending too much money on a mani and pedi is not something we enjoy doing.

But don’t let cost be your reason for not properly grooming your hands. Instead, follow this guide and learn how to rock your own homemade manicure. 


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6 easy steps for a homemade manicure

Step 1:

Remove your old nail polish and soak your hands in warm water mixed with soap.

Step 2:
Cut your nails to an appropriate length: not too short or not too long. Long nails tend to look unattractive since these are most likely to get dirty.

Step 3:
Once cut, the next step is to file them. Choose the shape you wish: round or squared.

Step 4:
Soak your nails again, dry them, and add lotion to moisturize your hands.

Step 5:
Paint your nails in your favorite color.

Step 6:
Carefully get rid of any residue of nail polish from your fingers. You can do this by covering a nail filer with a bit of cotton and adding nail polish remover.

Now that you’ve learned how to do your own manicure, it’s time to learnhow to do your pedicure. Remember, the day of your Quinceanera celebration, you need to look impeccable from head to toe.

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